चटपटा व्यंजन

The diversity of Indian cuisine is best illustrated by the sheer variety of Indian street food one finds across India. In fact street food recipes can be interpreted very differently. Some people think of it as more tangy recipes, others think of it as snacks.

For our purposes, Indian street food is defined as the food that is available roadside across India. Whether it is vada pav, kanda bhujia or ragda pattice of Maharashtra or even Mumbai sev puri or pav bhaji, Maharathra has a rich offering of street foods.

The other state where street food recipes are popular all over India is UP. Chaat and kachauris from UP are famous across India. In this collection you will find a large variety of street food recipes across India such as Punjab ke pakode, Dilli ke chhole bhature, ghughra from Gujarat, parippuvada of Kerala and so on. Enjoy!