Maggi Pazzta by Nestle is available in saucy, lip-smacking flavours and shapes - Masala Penne, Cheese Macaroni, Mushroom Penne & Tomato Twist This delicious product is made from 100% SUJI and gives you one of the best past experience. What’s more, it’s a quick cook pasta that can be conveniently prepared in just 5 minutes.


Reviews by our users

Vaishali Trivedi

Maggi Pazzta " Naam hi kafi hai " My kids love it and as its made of Semolina and not Maida I really feel least guilt of serving packet food to kids. And I too love it anytime. I just have a request to add few more flavours.

Brishti Ghosh

Hi I am Brishti Ghosh,want to share my maggi pazza experience today.I am a pasta lover but I really don't like ready to eat food.But when I tried maggi pasta, my first expression was fabulous.It has an exotic flavour and taste.One thing I really like in maggi pasta that it's made from semolina not from maida.So it's a healthy snacks.Quantity is little bit low but I always make it with lots of vegetables, sometimes with boiled chicken cubes.So it can be managed.They have only 3 to 4 variety ,so if they will add more flavour, more variation then it will be awesome.My favourite is mushroom penne,masala penne.I didn't like much tomato flavour.That is my personal choice because I don't like tangy flavour.Otherwise maggi again rocks.

Abhipsa Saran

Maggie masala penne pasta is not only tasty but also easy to cook and less time consuming. It is healthy as it is made from rava. Though it takes more time than mentioned in the pack still it is quick to prepare. My kids also loved it a lot

Sasmita Sahoo Samanta

Hello everyone. Today I here am to share my views regarding Maggi Pazzta. When I first time saw the ad in tv, I was so curious to try all the flavors of Maggie Pazzta as I am a regular user of noodle of the same company Maggi. Well, the first thing which attracts me much more is these are totally a healthy choice since made up of Sooji. Particularly I like the tomato twist one most among all the four varieties. This is very good option for kids tiffin box which takes only 5-6 minutes time to complete and also the taste-maker which is inside the packet of the maggi pazzta gives a lovely flavor to the whole dish. Even some chopped veggies or shredded meat or egg can be used for an extra addition. So I definitely suggest to try.

sana Tungekar

Hi Iam Sana here,a review for MaggiPazzta from me,as for food and cooking monotony can lead you to decide making these Pazztas,which are a quick fix and delicious.These are sure great meals and yet less time consuming. To be honest ,I was hesitant though,after all you need your own ingredients to make the best and homely right? The attractive and informative packaging Of Maggi Pazzta made me fee like trying this.Made of Rava cooks in 5-6minutes solved there the health and time concerns too.My family and I like creamy textures so I loved the cheesy macronutrient,and tomato twist,whereas found the Mushroom not very creamy and tasteful I feel these are a complete meal,with add ons like Garlic bread and lemonades. The taste makers are just rightly seasoned too,I am sure no additional sauces need t be added to these too. All in all this Maggi Pazzta is definitely going to be on my kitchen shelf to do a delish meal for my family to indulge in some comfort food.

Kiah Wadhwani

Hello evryone my name is kiah and i am here to review the maggi pasta range . They come in 4 variants and cater to a lot of tastes and palates. The best thing about them is they are ready in a jiffy plus they arent very heavy . They arequite a boon for people working at odd hours of the day / bachelors / students or people travelling. My favourite is cheesy macaroni . Its a bowl full of cheesy goodness that is fullfilling filling and comforting. Tomato twist was my least favourite of the 4. Because i love real tomatoes so i dint enjoy the powdered version of it. Hope u guys like it too. Do give it a try

shanta singh

maggi is pazzta is totaly different from regular pasta ...its made of 100%rawa thats the first thing impressed me a lot as a mother i alws try to give healthy and nutricious meal to my kid and family ..but maggi pazzta has been vanished all my worries ..there are 4 tasty varieties are avalaible of maggi pazzta and they all are awesome in taste and its takes just 5 minutes to cook its a quick and easy too make , i must say everybody should try this and enjoy ...i want to thanks maggi pazzta for giving me the best option to serve them a healthy and as well as tasty pazzta ..

Ravikumar Andavarapu

We are all on the path to healthy food and healthy living and Maggie has at the right time launched an 100 percent sooji pasta. I quickly picked the masala penne and the cheesy tomato twist. It takes hardly 5 to 8 minutes to cook this deliciuos pasta. And if you could add some veggies,or some onions or break in an egg or stir in some boiled chicken shreds it's totally divine.i liked kids just loved it. You will love it try.

Hem Lata Srivastava

Yun to ham sab noodles, pasta ke favor mein kam hi hain par han Kabhi Kabhi noodles aur pasta ban jate hain. Abhi jald hi nestle ne Maggie pazzta launch kiya hai jo 4 flavor mein aye hain. Mera beta lekar aya, maine instructions dekhne ke liye packet ke back mein dekha to dekha ye pasta 100% suji ke bane hain jiska matlab poori tarah se healthy. Fir Maine socha kyun na do flavor Mila kar banaun, jaise hi mere bete ne taste kiya "Gazab" ye tha uska reaction, mummy aap kha kar dekho ye sach mein kamaal hai. Jaise hi Maine taste kiya sach mein tasty and delicious the. Packet ke peeche iske nutritioun value aur ingredients likhe hain jinhein padhkar aap samjh jayenge Maggie pazzta sab ke liye perfect hain, Aap bacchon ke badon ke tiffin mein de aakte hain. Bacchon ki party mean, kity party mein ya fir small level ke get together mein serve kar sakte hain. To aaj se aur Abbi se apne kitchen mein le aaiye Maggie Pazzta.

Sneha Satish Tiwari

I have used maggi pazzta of 2 flavors"Cheese corn & Peas penne"..Both were awesome,taste was good and It's ready in only 5 minutes.. It's really very good option for kid's tiffin box and for breakfast also. We can add more veggies according to our tatse and we can give some twist with pazzta like pazzta sandwich,pazzta piza and many more so I think that it's a good option for breakfast,supper time,tiffin box .. It's healthy and good for kids... Please Go for it.. Thank you so much

Sharma Divya

We always want to give a healthy diet to our children and it is our effort that children have to eat food and they do not have to compromise with their health. My children love pasta very much but due to being made of flour, I saved them from feeding. I saw that Maggi launched pasta which is not made from flour, I was afraid that what would be good in the test? First of all, I created Maggi Tomato Tweets by adding pasta vegetables. Kids do not want to eat vegetables but I have said, please, dear, please eat once and see. Keane will not do that.The children finished the entire plate and said, 'Mamma is the best of you. I am very happy that Maggie has brought out the healthy version of pasta. So you are unheard of and you do not have any flour. It is very tasty for you people. I liked the mushroom pasta too.Thank you Maggi Pasta.

Maharasi Devendiran

Maggi recently launched some flavours of pazzta tomato twist, cheese macaroni, peas penned,mushroom penna My husband likes tomato twist and cheese macaroni,He is frequent traveler. He took Maggi cheese macaroni and tomato twist, while travelling to foreign countries as he taste of Maggi and easy to prepare in 5 minutes. It's really awesome and I think you all also love it. Any where any time Maggi.

Subhashni Venkatesh

When I bought this Maggi Pazzta for the first time, i did not expect much difference from the one which i buy usually. But after making and tasting it , i loved the colour, texture and taste. My favourite is Cheesy Tomato Twist. I love to have this hot, tangy and spicy tomato twist in the evenings when I crave to have something hot. You can have it guilt free, since it is not made of Maida. The tangy flavour of tomato will definitely tickle your taste buds...

Bindiya Sharma

Nice pazzta that has a packet of seasoning and some dried vegetables in it as well. It can be made really quickly and is just great on days I don't feel like cooking! Only thing that I did not like much was the dried peas in the masala pazzta, but that's because I personally don't like peas!