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By Chef Ajay Chopra  |  14th Jul 2016  |  
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About Tiramisu Recipe

The popular Italian dessert which is a classic dish that never disappoints.

Tiramisu is a delicious dish which is enjoyed by the people of every age group. The recipe by Chef Ajay Chopra teaches how to make Tiramisu step by step in detail. This makes it easy to cook Tiramisu in your kitchen at home. This recipe can be served to 6 people. You can find this dish at most restaurants and you can also prepare Tiramisu at home. This amazing and mouthwatering Tiramisu takes 10 minutes for the preparation and 30 minutes for cooking. The aroma of this Tiramisu is so tempting that makes you want to eat it. When you want to prepare something very tasty and delicious for special occasion then Tiramisu is a good option for you. The flavour of Tiramisu is palatable and you will enjoy each and every bite of this. Try this Tiramisu and impress your family and friends.


Ingredients to make Tiramisu

  • Mascarpone cheese 250 gms
  • egg Yolks 4 nos
  • sugar 50 gms
  • Whipped cream 350 gms
  • Espresso 60 ml (double shot)
  • Sponge Fingers:
  • flour 175 gms
  • eggs 08 separated
  • sugar 150 gms
  • Vanilla essence 1 tsp (5 ml)
  • sugar Syrup:
  • water 200 ml
  • sugar 75 ml
  • Kaluha liquor 100 ml

How to make Tiramisu

  1. For the Sponge Fingers:
  2. Separate yolk and white from egg. Beat egg white with sugar till it forms peaks.
  3. Fold in the egg yolks one by one along with the Vanilla essence. Lastly fold in the flour.
  4. Pipe the batter on to a flour dusted butter paper or a baking mat placed in a baking tray.
  5. Bake at 200 to 220 degree celsius in preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Remove from the oven and allow it to cool.
  7. Tiramisu Mix:
  8. Make a sabayon with egg yolk and sugar on a double boiler until fluffy (continuous whisking in between). Allow it to cool.
  9. Add the mascarpone cheese. Then add whipped cream along with 50 ml Kaluha Liquour.
  10. Coffee Syrup:
  11. Boil the sugar and water to form thin syrup.
  12. Cool it down and add double shot espresso and the remaining 50 ml Kaluha Liqueur and keep it aside.
  13. To Assemble:
  14. Take the sponge fingers and soak into the prepared coffee syrup and place it on the bottom of the bowl.
  15. Pipe in the tiramisu mix to form a layer on top of the soaked sponge fingers.
  16. Repeat the procedure once again by placing the soaked sponge finger and piping the tiramisu mix on top.
  17. Keep the prepared bowl into the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
  18. To serve, dust cocoa powder on top and garnish with a sponge finger and serve chilled.

My Tip:

Do not leave the sponge finger mixture out for long; bake as soon as possible once the mixture is ready. Always preheat the oven in advance. Sabayon should be cold before mixing in the mascarpone cheese and the whipped cream.

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