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Pure chocolate cup - plate with choco-coffee mousse

Soumi Mitra
15 minutes
Prep Time
60 minutes
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1 People
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ABOUT Pure chocolate cup - plate with choco-coffee mousse RECIPE

Playful way to present a chocolate desert to the kids..

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Ingredients Serving: 1

  1. Sweetened Dark chocolate (roughly chopped) 2000 (room temperature)
  2. Instant coffee powder 1 tbsp
  3. Vanilla extract 1 tbsp
  4. 1 cylinder shaped plastic bottle, made of hard plastic ( approx. 2 inches diameter and 5 inches tall)
  5. 1 regular ceramic tea plate
  6. 2 OHP sheet ( 2.5 inch in Height and 8 inches in width)
  7. Cling wrap 12×12 inches
  8. Parchment paper
  9. Normal paper
  10. Pen
  11. Flat dish (can be used in gas oven)


  1. (For Cup- Plate) Take sweetened dark chocolates in a microwave proof bowl and microwave in 150°C for 4-5 minutes
  2. Meanwhile take the ceramic plate and cover the back side of it with the cling wrap and tie the corner of the cling wrap on the front side of the plate using a rubber band. Make sure that there is no tiny fold on the cling wrap on the back side of the plate
  3. Take the chocolate out of the oven. Let it come to room temperature. Stir occasionally
  4. Place the ceramic plate on a wired rack as the back side of the plate remains up.
  5. Pour the semi liquid chocolate onto it. Let the excess chocolate drips out.
  6. After the first layer of chocolate sets, again pour some chocolate onto it. Let the excess chocolate drips out. Refrigerate the plate for 20-30 minutes
  7. Take a OHP sheet and wrap the bottle with it in such a way that latter you can remove the bottle from it but the sheet remains as a roll
  8. Take another OHP sheet, wrap the bottle from a corner of the sheet and mark the ending line. You will find approx. 1 inch of excess sheet after wrapping the bottle.
  9. Take off the OHP SHEET and Mark the excess part with a pen.
  10. Pour chocolate on the entire sheet excluding the marked excess portion. Spread the chocolate using a spatula and a 0.3 mm (approx.) layer of chocolate.
  11. Let it set for 5 minutes in room temperature
  12. When the chocolate starts to get solid, take the sheet and wrap the bottle in such a way that the chocolate side remains towards the former OHP wrapped bottle wall.
  13. Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes
  14. ( For Chocolate mousse) Take the dripped excess chocolate In a microwave proof bowl. Microwave for 3-4 minutes in 150°C
  15. Take the bowl out from the microwave, add instant coffee powder, Vanilla essence mix well
  16. Pour the melted chocolate mixture in a zip lock bag and refrigerate for 15-20 minutes.
  17. After that pour the chocolate in a bowl and beat in medium speed, add 1 tbsp chilled water into it and beat again in highest speed until foamy texture formed.
  18. Take the plate and chocolate wrapped bottle out from the fridge.
  19. Remove the cling wrap carefully from the plate. You will get a diced chocolate plate. Remove the cling wrap carefully and keep aside
  20. Take the chocolate wrapped bottle, remove the bottle from the chocolate wrap.
  21. Remove the OHP SHEET inside the chocolate roll carefully
  22. Remove the OHP SHEET outside the chocolate roll carefully
  23. Heat a flat dish over gas oven
  24. Remove from gas oven, place one side of the chocolate roll on it for 3-5 seconds, when starts melting, place it on the chocolate plate. Molten chocolate will work as adhesive, keep in fridge for 5 minutes
  25. Meanwhile, Take normal paper, draw a shape of Cup- handle, cover with Parchment paper. Take molten chocolate in a piping bag and draw same shape using this on the Parchment paper, refrigerate for 10 minutes
  26. Take the plate and chocolate cup out from the fridge, attach the chocolate handle with it, using some molten chocolate. Keep aside, let it fix
  27. Pour chocolate mousse in a piping bag and fill the chocolate cup with it.
  28. Sprinkle some instant coffee powder / chocolate sauce over it,
  29. Serve cold..

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Kriti Singhal
Kriti Singhal   Oct-03-2016

Brilliant :)

Anuradha sharma
Anuradha sharma   Sep-30-2016

so stunning!

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