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  • Bengali Rasgulla, How to make Bengali Rasgulla
Bengali Rasgullaby Nasima Singh
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About Bengali Rasgulla Recipe

These homemade Rasgulla's are so soft and easy to make, that you will want to make them again and again and again. My son is a big fan of these home made Rasgulla's. Ever since I learnt making them at home 2 years ago, we haven't bought them from market since.

Bengali Rasgulla is a popular aromatic and delicious dish. You can try making this amazing Bengali Rasgulla in your kitchen. This recipe requires 60 minutes for preparation and 15 minutes to cook. The Bengali Rasgulla by Nasima Singh has detailed steps with pictures so you can easily learn how to cook Bengali Rasgulla at home without any difficulty. Bengali Rasgulla is enjoyed by everyone and can be served on special occasions. The flavours of the Bengali Rasgulla would satiate your taste buds. You must try making Bengali Rasgulla this weekend. Share your Bengali Rasgulla cooking experience on the BetterButter platform. You can also use the "What's cooking" feature on the app to get in touch with other home chefs like Nasima Singh for inputs. In case you have any queries for Bengali Rasgulla you can comment on the recipe page to connect with the Nasima Singh. You can also rate the Bengali Rasgulla and give feedback.

Bengali Rasgulla

Ingredients to make Bengali Rasgulla

  • For Making Chenna:
  • 1 Ltr - Cow Milk (I used Mahananda)
  • 2 tbsp - White vinegar diluted with equal quantity of water or 3-4 tbsp of sour curd or 14th cup of whey soured overnight
  • For sugar Syrup and shaping Chenna into Balls
  • 1 12 Level cup of sugar
  • 5 Cups of water
  • 12 tsp of powdered cardamom
  • 14th tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp of maida
  • 15-17 No's Nakuldana

How to make Bengali Rasgulla

  1. For Making Chenna Ballsn
  2. - In a heavy bottom pan, bring milk to boil.
  3. - Switch off the flame and wait for 5 minutes
  4. - After 5 minutes, in a steady stream add water+vinegar mixture to the milk and gently stir it
  5. - Let it sit for 5 minutes
  6. - After 5 minutes, the milk should have curdled completely and milk solids should be separated from the greenish whey
  7. - If not, add few drops more (and I mean it, when I say 'drops'). Do not go over board with the vinegar or any souring agent, as this can affect the quality of your chenna and in turn your Rasgullas
  8. - Once the milk has curdled completely, strain it through a large strainer, lined with muslin cloth
  9. - Now gather up loose ends of the muslin cloth and tie it together to form a small bundle or a 'potli'
  10. - Let this hang someplace till most of the whey has drained.
  11. - Take care, not to drain away all the moisture from the chenna
  12. - The chenna thus obtained should be soft and crumbly. To check if it is rightly drained, lightly press the potli in between both your palms, if it oozes out water at the lightest squeeze, which means it still has lot of moisture.
  13. - When done, Chenna is ready to use for making Rasgulla's
  14. - This quantity of milk should yield approximately 170-180 gms of Chenna depending on the quantity of milk
  15. For Final Rasgulla:n
  16. - While still warm, remove Chenna on to a kneading board or in a big plate
  17. - Add Maida and baking powder and start kneading the chenna to remove every lump. Knead it to form a smooth dough and till your palms become slightly greasy (Shiny from the grease produced from kneading Chenna)
  18. - Once done, divide, the dough into equal parts of desired size.
  19. - At this stage, in a large and deep vessel take 1 cup sugar and 5 cups of water and put it on the stove to boil.
  20. - Now take each part between your palms and rub it nicely. In the center of the dough, pinch the Nakuldana and roll each into a small ball shape
  21. - Your syrup should have come to a rolling boil by this time.
  22. - Drop Chenna balls slowly into the boiling syrup and cover it, keeping the flame high. Put a timer for 12 minutes
  23. - After 12 minutes, check for doneness. To check whether the balls have cooked properly, take a little water in a bowl and drop one Chenna ball in it. Wait for a few seconds. If the ball settles down, which means it is cooked properly. If
  24. - When cooked, remove them one by one, very gently in a bowl full of room temperature water
  25. - To the remaining syrup add the remaining 14th cup of sugar and cardamom powder and bring it to a boil or till the sugar dissolves.
  26. - Switch off the gas and let the syrup cool
  27. - Once the syrup has cooled, remove Chenna balls from the room temperature water and squeeze it gently and drop them in the sugar syrup.
  28. - Garnish it with nuts of your choice or dried and crushed rose leaves.
  29. - Put it in the fridge and enjoy when cool.

My Tip:

When you use, Curd, whey or Vinegar to curdle the milk, there is no need to wash the Chenna as these agents don't leave any sour taste in the Chenna. Also, if you don't wash Chenna, the round shape of the rasgullas remain intact and they don't go flat.

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