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வீடு / சமையல் குறிப்பு / Sweet corn egg soup

Photo of Sweet corn egg soup by SivarRanajani R N kathiravan at BetterButter

Sweet corn egg soup

SivarRanajani R N kathiravan
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தேவையான பொருட்கள் பரிமாறும்: 5

  1. Sweet corn 1 1/2 cup(1cup for soup,1/2cup for milk+sweet corn mix)
  2. Oil 1 tesp
  3. Vegetables (carrot,beans) chopped 50gm
  4. Onion chopped 2no
  5. Vegetable stock water 1 1/2 lit
  6. Boiled milk 100ml
  7. Pepper 1tesp
  8. Salt taste
  9. Egg 1
  10. Sugar 1pinch
  11. Aginomoto 1pinch(option)


  1. In pan pour oil
  2. Add one by one(fry slightly)
  3. Onion Vegetables Stock water Sweet corn
  4. Use ur mixi jar Grain (four tabspn(sweet corn)+boiled milk
  5. Add this mixture into step2
  6. Finally add,salt,auger,pepper
  7. Beat egg well ,use veg strainer tipped egg into boiling soup
  8. Soup ready garnish with coriander leaves

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BetterButter Editorial
BetterButter Editorial   Oct-18-2017

Hi Ranajani, your recipe is currently hidden from public view as it is written in English text. Unfortunately, we are not allowing recipes in 'English Script' for our Tamil Contests. Currently, we have hidden this recipe from public view, please make the change. Kindly ensure that from now on, you kindly submit your recipes in Tamil for our Tamil contests. To enter your recipe in our Tamil contests, please switch to Tamil in the app or website and submit your entry in the Tamil script. Thanks!

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