Onion Dosa | Onion Dosa Recipe in Telugu

ద్వారా Rashmi SudhiMurthy  |  27th Sep 2018  |  
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Onion Dosa వంటకం

Onion Dosa తయారుచేయడానికి కావాల్సిన పదార్థాలు ( Ingredients to make Onion Dosa Recipe in Telugu )

  • Dosa rice 2 cups
  • Dry red chillies 20(kashmir or byadgi chillies)
  • onions 2(large)
  • tamarind small piece
  • jaggery small piece
  • Fresh coconut ( grated) 1/4 cup
  • salt to taste
  • water 4 cups or more

Onion Dosa | How to make Onion Dosa Recipe in Telugu

  1. Soak dosa rice overnight
  2. In the morning,wash the rice
  3. Take red chillies, tamarind, choppedonions, jaggery, grated coconut ,salt in a mixer
  4. Grind it in to a smooth paste
  5. Add rice accordingly in the mixer and make batter
  6. Mix well by adding water
  7. The batter must be thin like neeru dosa batter
  8. Heat a tawa on a high flame and pour a thin layer of batter uniformly.cover it with a lid
  9. Roast the dosa on one side and fold it
  10. Crispy hot dosa is ready to serve .It is very tasty when served with peanut chutney

నా చిట్కా:

The tawa must be very hot while pouring the dosa batter.pouring thin layer of batter makes dosa crispy

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