Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe | How to make Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe

By Vanitha Bhat  |  30th Dec 2017  |  
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Watermelon Ice Cream Bombeby Vanitha Bhat
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About Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe Recipe

A stunning frozen dessert, sure to be a perfect finale for any occasion!! It looks like a watermelon, but does not taste like one!!

Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe, a mouth-watering delicacy which no one can resist. Most people try this amazing dish at restaurants, but with this recipe you can easily make it at home with the same taste. This super quick and easy recipe is written by Vanitha Bhat. Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe is a dish which demands no explanations, it's a whole world of flavour in itself. Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe is a very simple and easy recipe to prepare. The time required to make this recipe is not very much, but the delicious taste it renders is just remarkable. This recipe of Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe by Vanitha Bhat is perfect to serve 10 people. Even beginners can also try this recipe. The recipe is explained step by step with pictures that it becomes very easy to understand each and every step, which actually turns out to be very useful. So, the next time you have a get together, night party, kitty party or any other occasion don't forget to try out the absolutely amazing Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe.

Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe

Ingredients to make Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe

  • 500 ml pistachio ice cream
  • 500 ml vanilla ice cream
  • 500 ml strawberry ice cream
  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

How to make Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe

  1. Turn down the temperature of your freezer to the lowest temperature. Place a 1-quart glass or steel bowl in the freezer to chill thoroughly. Freeze for at least one hour.
  2. Remove the pistachio ice cream carton from the freezer and soften outside at room temperature till slightly soft but not melting (about 10 minutes). You can stir with a spoon until smooth and soft.
  3. Remove the frozen bowl from the freezer and spoon the ice cream into the bowl, pressing into the bottom and the sides of the bowl to about 1/4th to ½ an inch thickness, smoothening with the spoon.
  4. Keep in freezer for about 1 hour for the pistachio layer to set and freeze completely. 10 minutes before layering the vanilla ice cream (to make it look like the white pith of the watermelon skin),take the vanilla ice cream carton out.
  5. Once the ice cream is malleable and soft, remove the bowl with the layered pistachio ice cream and spoon the vanilla ice cream over the pistachio ice cream, to cover it completely and smoothly into a thin layer. Freeze 30 mins to 1 hour.
  6. Remove the strawberry ice cream from the freezer. Soften for about 10 minutes, stir with a spoon and mix in the mini chocolate chip morsels (to represent the seeds of the watermelon). Return to freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. Remove the bowl layered with pistachio ice cream and vanilla ice cream from the freezer. Spoon chocolate chip studded strawberry ice cream over the layer of vanilla ice cream and fill the bowl completely till the top of the bowl; smoothen.
  8. Cover the whole bowl with plastic wrap and keep in freezer for at least 6 hours or even overnight. At this stage, you can freeze this for up to 1 week and serve anytime.
  9. At the time of serving, take the bowl from the freezer and remove the plastic wrap. Place a well chilled serving plate over the top of the ice cream bowl. Turn it over so that the bowl is resting on the plate.
  10. Cover the bottom of the bowl with a warm towel (dipped in warm water and squeezed well, the method I used) for a few seconds, just enough to release the frozen ice cream bombe.
  11. Try to tap the bowl on the plate to shake the bombe and if it does not release easily, use the towel method till the bowl releases. Take care to see the ice cream is not melting too fast. If so, return to freezer for a few minutes.
  12. Once the ice cream bombe is released onto the plate, return to freezer again to freeze thoroughly for about an hour. Just before serving, remove from the freezer, cut into wedges and serve immediately!!!

My Tip:

The best part of this easy dessert is it can be made days ahead and left in the freezer to serve at any special occasion! Try to make thin layers of pisitachio and vanilla ice creams. If you do not have chocolate chips, you can use bits of chocolate cookies (like oreo cookies)!! Use a good strong, sharp knife to cut the bombe into neat slices, and before every slice, rinse your knife in hot water. Make sure all the plates and utensils you use are well chilled or frozen, or else the ice cream will start to melt as soon as it comes in contact with them. My Secret Ingredient here is "chocolate chips".

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