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By Ruchi Bhatia  |  18th Jul 2016  |  
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  • Khari biscuits, How to make Khari biscuits
Khari biscuitsby Ruchi Bhatia
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About Khari biscuits Recipe

An evergreen accompaniment for chai, the Khari Biscuit or Puff Pastry Biscuit. Khari biscuit is a perfect snack for tea time. Biscuit is a term used for a variety of flour-based baked food products. Khari Biscuits or Puff Pastry Biscuits are typically unraised, flat and hard. Besides tea, you can serve these Khari biscuits with a spread of one of your favorite jams or dips. Puffy pastry biscuits are light and flaky and it is very easy to make these biscuits with minimum ingredients at your home. Sieve flour, salt and butter and mix them perfectly. Make a smooth dough by adding water to it. Form the dough into a rectangle and start rolling from end to end. Fold one third of the long side of pastry to the middle forming two layers, then fold the remaining. Press it down in the middle and in the edges so that there is no air and put them in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes. Now fold them corner to corner and cut them in a rectangular or triangular shape. Melt the ghee and butter and pour them over the biscuits and sprinkle ajwain over it. Arrange the biscuits on an un-greased cookie sheet and bake them in a preheated oven. Serve the Khari biscuits and enjoy it with your family and friends.

The delicious and mouthwatering Khari biscuits is enjoyed by all. This dish is often prepared for special occasions including parties or festivals. Khari biscuits is a good option when you want to cook something different . It is an amazing dish which is liked by people of all age groups. The flavourful ingredients are the key to the amazing taste of Khari biscuits. Ruchi Bhatia shared Khari biscuits recipe which can serve 10 people. The step by step process with pictures will help you learn how to make the delicious Khari biscuits. Try this delicious Khari biscuits recipe at home and surprise your family and friends. You can connect with the Ruchi Bhatia of Khari biscuits by commenting on the page. In case you have any questions around the ingredients or cooking process. The Khari biscuits can also be given a rating. The "What's cooking" feature can be used to share your experience when you make Khari biscuits with other users

Khari biscuits

Ingredients to make Khari biscuits

  • All-Purpose flour: 2½ cups
  • 1 t sp salt
  • Unsalted Butter: 1 cup
  • ghee 1/2 cup
  • Cold water: ¾ cup
  • Topping 1. ghee: 2 Tablespoons 2. Ajwain : 1 teaspoon

How to make Khari biscuits

  1. For Puff pastry - 1. Sieve flour and salt 2. Cut butter into to ¼" thick slices. Put over Flour. Toss flour and butter around. Do not knead 3. Add Ghee. Toss around the four. Do not knead 4. Flatten any large chunks of butter with a wooden spoon. Add cold water little at a time. press and turn dough. Continue pressing, turning rotating and adding water, till all the water is used up. The dough just hangs together. It may still have dry spots. Don't worry. Don't add extra water.
  2. 5. Form the dough into a rectangle and star rolling from end to end. 6. Roll out into a 8"x12" shape. Standard computer paper or copy paper is 8½"x11". It should give you an idea. 7. Fold one third of the long side of pastry to middle of the oblong forming two layers, then fold the remaining third over. It resembles a business envelope 4"x8" 8. Turn around and fold to form a square about 4"x4" 9. Press down in the middle so there is no air. Press down on the edges. Let it rest in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes
  3. Khari biscuit- Roll out pastry dough to slightly thicker than ¼" to a maximum of ½". Cut 2"x 2" squares. Fold them over corner to corner to make triangles, or fold them side over side to make rectangles 2"x1". You may also roll out dough thicker and just cut into squares or diamonds. 2. Baste the top with melted ghee 3. Sprinkle Ajwain over the biscuits
  4. 4. Arrange biscuits on an un-greased cookie sheet leaving about ½" space in-between the biscuits. With a wooden-spoon slightly press the Ajwain in 5. Pre-heat oven to 400 F. Bake 15 minutes to let the pastry puff up. Then reduce the temperature to 350 F to finish baking for about 20 minutes till the pastry is lightly brown. Shut off oven. 6. Remove the cookie sheet and let it cool to room temperature.

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