Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals | How to make Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals

By Kriti Singhal  |  5th Nov 2016  |  
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  • Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals, How to make Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals
Basket Chaat - A treat on festivalsby Kriti Singhal
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About Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals Recipe

Basket Chaat is a unique way of serving the traditional Chaat. Instead of regular plates or pattas, a potato nest or basket is prepared and then Tikkis, Chutneys, Potatoes, Matar etc are sprinkled all over.

Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals is a delicious dish which is enjoyed by the people of every age group. The recipe by Kriti Singhal teaches how to make Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals step by step in detail. This makes it easy to cook Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals in your kitchen at home. This recipe can be served to 4 people. You can find this dish at most restaurants and you can also prepare Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals at home. This amazing and mouthwatering Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals takes 30 minutes for the preparation and 30 minutes for cooking. The aroma of this Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals is so tempting that makes you want to eat it. When you want to prepare something very tasty and delicious for special occasion then Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals is a good option for you. The flavour of Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals is palatable and you will enjoy each and every bite of this. Try this Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals and impress your family and friends.

Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals

Ingredients to make Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals

  • 1. For Potato Basket-3 medium sized potatoes
  • 1 bowl chilled water
  • 2 Tbsp cornflour
  • salt to taste
  • oil to fry
  • 2. For Tikkis-1 big sized Beetroot – Grated
  • 1 cup spinach – Finely Chopped
  • 1 potato – Boiled and mashed
  • 1 cup peas – Boiled
  • 1 inch ginger – Finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup Fresh coriander leaves – Finely Chopped
  • 1 tsp garam masala
  • 1 tsp Dhaniya powder
  • salt as per taste
  • pepper powder as per taste
  • 2 tbsp cornflour powder
  • oil to fry
  • 3. For White Peas- 2 cups dry white peas – Soaked and Boiled
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp garam masala powder
  • 1 tsp amchur powder
  • A pinch of astoefida
  • 4. For Meethi Chutney – Sonth
  • 2 cup Imli water – Soak imli overnight in water and drain in the morning. Save water.
  • 2 medium sized jaggery
  • red chilli powder
  • 4-5 dates – finely chopped
  • 1 tsp ginger – finely chopped
  • A pinch of astoefida
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • salt as per taste
  • 1 tsp ghee
  • 5. For Green Chutney
  • 1 cup clean and fresh coriander leaves
  • 1/2 cup mint leaves
  • 1 medium size tomato
  • amchur powder
  • jeera powder
  • salt
  • green chillies
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 6. For curd
  • 1 cup thick curd
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • For Garnishing
  • Grated Raddish or pomegranate seeds
  • red chilli powder
  • cumin powder

How to make Basket Chaat - A treat on festivals

  1. Grate the potatoes well and dip them in chilled water for 20 mins. Till then let’s prepare the chutneys and matar.
  2. Green chutney – Mix all the ingredients together and grind well in the grinder. Adjust taste accordingly.
  3. Meethi Chutney or Sonth – Heat ghee in a pan. Add astoefida, cumid seeds and ginger. Let them warm up. Add imli water and let it simmer on high. Add jaggery and spices. Add dates and let them simmer well for 20 mins.
  4. Curd – Mix curd well with sugar. Keep in the fridge.
  5. White peas – Take boiled peas. Add the spices. Mix well. Add lemon juice and mix well.
  6. Now all the accompaniments of our Basket Chaat are ready.🙂
  7. 5. For Baskets
  8. Take the grated potatoes and drain the water. Squeeze all the water out of them and spread them in a bowl.
  9. Add cornflour, salt and a tsp of oil. Mix really well.
  10. Heat oil in the kadhai. Take more oil so that there is no problem in dipping the baskets.
  11. Take the big strainer and arrange a portion of potatoes over it. Make sure the layer is not very thick and nor very thin. Arrange it well and put the 2nd strainer upon it. Now the potato layer is between the 2 strainers. ( Visualize it)
  12. Once the oil is hot, put the arrangement carefully in the oil. Don’t disturb any of the strainer else potato might come out and spread in the oil. Fry well for 3-4 mins. Be alert as it can burn very quickly.
  13. Use a cloth while holding the strainers as they will be super hot and you may get burns.
  14. Now, take it out and separate the 2 strainers.
  15. Pat the strainer with the basket lightly on the kitchen slab and your basket will be out. Don’t use force. Use knife to free the edges.
  16. Fry all the baskets with the same process.
  17. You can store these baskets for almost a week in a air-tight container.
  18. 6. For Tikkis
  19. I wanted to have a healthy tikki.. Well when it’s fried obviously it’s no more healthy still I tried my best in keeping it nutritious in terms of size, ingredients and oil. I kept the size small so that at-least we can have a control.
  20. Mix all the ingredients of the tikkis very well. Adjust salt accordingly.
  21. Mix half of the cornflour in 1/3 cup of water and keep it aside.
  22. Make small balls out of the mixture. I got almost 16 tikkis. Alaas!
  23. Shape them well. Keep them in freezer for 10 mins.Take them out. Heat oil in a pan.
  24. We will shallow fry these tikkis instead of deep frying.
  25. Dip the tikkis in cornflour mixture and shallow fry them in the pan.
  26. Fry till crisp. Your tikkis are ready.
  27. Arrange the Baskets Now all the stuff is ready and it’s time to ponder upon these delightful Indian delicacy.🙂 It’s sweet and tangy taste will definitely keep you dreaming about it throughout.
  28. Take a potato basket. Put 1 or 2 tikkis over it. Spread 1 tbsp of White peas.
  29. Spread curd, green chutney and sonth. Sprinkle red chilli powder and cumin powder. Sprinkle grated radish / coriander leaves / pomegranate seeds etc.
  30. Your Basket Chaat is ready!
  31. Guys, this basket chaat is a heart throb. You can prepare it for your kitty parties, family get togethers, office parties, children parties etc. Do try it and let me know your feedback. :)

My Tip:

Note: Use salt in all the ingredients accordingly. You have to balance it out else either the whole chaat will be too salty or unsalty

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