Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb: :green_heart: :herb: | How to make Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb: :green_heart: :herb:

By Priti Mohta  |  13th Jan 2017  |  
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  • Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb:, How to make Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb:
Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb: :green_heart: :herb:by Priti Mohta
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About Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: Recipe

:green_heart:Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables. For example, wheatgrass has twice the amount of Vitamin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges.. :green_heart: It contains the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium in a balanced ratio. . :green_heart:Wheatgrass is a complete source of protein, supplying all of the 17 essential amino acids, and more. It has about 20% of total calories coming from protein... :green_heart:This protein is in the form of poly peptides, simpler and shorter chains of amino acids that the body uses more efficiently in the blood stream and tissues. :green_heart:In addition to flooding the body with therapeutic dosages of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients, wheatgrass is also a powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver and blood .(Info source ~ hippocratesinst.org › benefits-of-wheatgrass)

The delicious and mouthwatering Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: is enjoyed by all. This dish is often prepared for special occasions including parties or festivals. Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: is a good option when you want to cook something different . It is an amazing dish which is liked by people of all age groups. The flavourful ingredients are the key to the amazing taste of Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb:. Priti Mohta shared Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: recipe which can serve 2 people. The step by step process with pictures will help you learn how to make the delicious Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb:. Try this delicious Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: recipe at home and surprise your family and friends. You can connect with the Priti Mohta of Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: by commenting on the page. In case you have any questions around the ingredients or cooking process. The Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: can also be given a rating. The "What's cooking" feature can be used to share your experience when you make Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb: with other users

Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb: :green_heart: :herb:

Ingredients to make Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb:

  • Organic Wheatgrass
  • Fresh Mineral water
  • lemon juice
  • Sea salt

How to make Wheatgrass Green Shots !! :herb::green_heart::herb:

  1. Clean and wash Wheatgrass leaves thoroughly .
  2. With the help of a juicer, make about 25-30 ml of juice for each shot.
  3. Add water ,Lemon juice and salt to taste
  4. You may wish to add SteviaHoney to make it sweet.I prefer to have it without any added sweetner.

My Tip:

Although Wheatgrass Shots have numerous health benefits ..It always good to check your personal health conditions before starting on it. People with gluten intolerance/celiac or pregnant women/lactating mothers should avoid taking it. It's always advisable to check with your doctor or practising physician .

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Ruchi Gaur2 years ago

I have been meaning to try something with wheatgrass. This looks very interesting.

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