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How to make your child gain WEIGHT

11 Easy Ways to make your child gain WEIGHT

Priyanka Verma | February 19, 2018

Poor weight gain is one of the most important concerns of a majority of Indian Parents. It’s tough to make kids eat healthy foods as they eat according to their taste. Parents often ask child care specialists about foods that can help to make their child look more fuller and healthy.

Do you think your child is underweight?

Are you worried that your child looks too skinny?


Here is a list of the Top 11 weight gain foods for kids:

1. Ghee

ghee weight gain english

Ghee or clarified butter is the oldest & most trusted way to gain weight. You can start adding it to your child’s food after 8 months of age. It is easy to digest and can make any food taste delicious!


2. Sweet Potato

sweet potato weight gain english

Sweet potato or shakarkand can help to add a few kilos to your child’s body. What’s more, it can be cooked in various tasty forms such as sweet potato chaat, french fries, and pancakes.


3. Dry fruits

dry fruits weight gain english

A handful of assorted nuts a day are a great way to gain weight. Just start adding them to your child’s diet in powdered form after 10 months of age and see the difference!


4. Ragi

ragi weight gain english

Finger millet or ragi is one of the best weight gaining foods for kids. It is easy to digest and can be given to kids in various forms such as dosa, idli, laddoo, pancake, cookie, and porridge.


5. Avocado

avocados weight gain english

Tasty and creamy avocados help underweight kids to gain weight. It can be given to kids after 6 months of age. Just spread avocado puree on a toast, smoothie, shake or ice cream and watch your child drool!


6. Eggs

eggs weight gain english

Eggetarians can take the help of eggs for their child’s weight gain. It can be given to kids after 1 year of age, in the form of a scrambled egg, french toast, with rice, or as a salad.


7. Meat and Poultry

meat poultry weight gain english

Non-vegetarians can introduce chicken and mutton in their child’s diet after 8 months of age. Just soup it up, stew it or make a curry and give it your child with a chapati.


8. Peas

Peas weight gain english

Green peas are one of the most nutritious foods you can give to your child. Give your child green peas in the form of soups, with vegetables and rice.


9. Bananas

bananas weight gain english

They are a really tasty way to make your child gain weight. Give your child a glass of banana milkshake each morning or you can add it to dosa, halwa, pancakes, and porridge.


10. Dates

dates weight gain english

They help a lot in gaining weight and most importantly, they are available throughout the year. They can be added to desserts, cakes, and any other dishes where you wish to lend a sweet taste.


11. Oats

oats weight gain english

They help to gain weight, prevent constipation and maintain healthy bowel movements. Oats make a great breakfast and you can also give it to your child in the form of pancakes, cookies, dosa, porridge, or simply oatmeal.


Hope the above weight gain foods help make your child look healthy and fuller!

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