5 Effective Ways to Stop kids from Nose-Picking

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Nose picking among children is a very embarrassing act and parents must try to stop this unhealthy habit. Kids usually nose pick because they feel something itchy or disturbing right inside their nose. This might lead to health issues as they allow bad bacteria to enter their nose with their fingertips and nails. In order to avoid this habit, here we have five home remedies that work best for kids-

1. Educate your child

understand nose picking

Educate your child about the infections that can spread when one picks the nose. Once you give a logical reason to your child, he/she will refrain from picking the nose.


2. Track the triggering point

point out nose picking

Watch your kids very closely to track what triggers them to nose pick. Identify the cause. It might be due to nervousness or some other emotional response. Try to deviate them during such scenarios so they don’t repeat it again. This will decrease gradually over time.


3. Keep their hands busy

distract nose picking

Another solution to this humiliating situation is to keep their hands busy with something they would love to do. Sitting idle might also be the cause. So provide them with their favorite toy or allow them to paint, play a puzzle game, video game or draw. This will keep them busy and prevent them from nose picking.


4. Teach them to use a handkerchief

hanky nose picking

Teach them to use a tissue or a handkerchief in the place of their fingers to clean their nose. This will help them in public scenarios and will be seen as a kid with good habits. This will also protect them from dangerous bacteria that might otherwise enter their nose.


5. Keep them hydrated

hydrate nose picking

Children develop this habit of nose picking due to a block in their nostrils which arises due to environmental situations. Allow them to drink plenty of water in a day – up to 5 glasses. This will release the blockage or clean the mucus from their nose,  thereby reducing the chances of nose picking.

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