6 Types of Bag Every Woman Should Have

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A bag is an accessory that helps us keep many usables together. Our needs vary according to the place we are going to such as an office, a kitty party or shopping.  We need a different bag for every situation. Bags vary according to fashion. Not only does a bag fulfill our needs but also helps us look classy wherever we are.

Let’s discuss 6 different bags that every woman should have:

1) Chic Tote Bag

This bag is perfect for those women who, while traveling, like to keep all their small accessories handy. Not only can a tote bag be used while traveling, but it can also be used during a shopping spree.


2) Sling Bag

Stylish and comfortable, sling bags are in vogue for creating bold statements. When you are out for a lunch or dinner, this bag will accentuate your look with any apparel.


3) Clutch

A clutch is a type of bag that is popular among working women. It is usually held in the hand. A smaller clutch can also be put inside a big bag. There are a variety of clutches available. Be it for occasions or as accessories, there is a different clutch available for everything. 


4) Weekender Bag

The Weekender bag is the right choice for all women who love to go for small trips or mini-vacations over the weekends. They can easily carry everything that is required for these short trips in a Weekender Bag since there is enough room for all these things in the bag.


5) Handbag

One of the prerequisites of work is for women to be dressed in formal attire every day. A bag is essential to complete the whole getup of your formal outfit. Besides being comfortable, a handbag it is very spacious. There is enough space in the bag to carry your laptop as well. Handbags go well with both formal and informal attire. 


6) Formal Clutch

Kitty party is a very popular gathering where women socialize. Here, they spend some time with their friends away from their domestic and professional concerns. In this party, they make every effort to look the most beautiful. If you want to steal the spotlight, sport a compact classy clutch with your outfit.

From the description of bags given above, you must have understood which type of bag suits your needs and time.

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