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7 Safety Skills that you Must Teach Children

Ankit Kumar | May 30, 2018

It’s not hard to admit that we live in a cruel and broken world. Nobody wants their children to suffer. While nobody even in their wildest dreams wants their children to be exposed to the ugliness of this world, it is the job of parents to keep their children safe from all harm. But you can’t and won’t always be around to protect them. Your kids need to be taught and trained about what they should do in case of any kind of emergency. You will need to be proactive in teaching them some basic safety precautions.

While most children progress through childhood without ever experiencing harm, this is not true of every child.  As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your kid how to respond to threatening circumstances. Make time for your kids, listen carefully to their fears and sentiments about other people or places that frighten them.

1) Kids should know the Contact Details of their Parents

Rehearse with your children their full name, phone number (including area code) and address.  You must also  teach them how to make emergency phone calls from home or public phones in case they get lost.


2) Teaching your Child about Good Touch and Bad Touch

The most important part is to make kids understand how to differentiate between a good touch and a bad touch. A good touch feels good and is used to show love, care, and help. Examples include when a mother hugs you or papa gives you a goodnight kiss or your grandparents hold you in their arms and the way you hold your friend’s hands while playing. Explain a bad touch to them by telling them that if the child feels hurt when someone touches them or does don’t want to be touched by someone. Another way would be to tell the child that if someone touches them and tells the child not to tell anyone. 


3) Don’t take any Food Items from Strangers

You should teach your child to stay away from strangers and to never accept anything a stranger offers to them to eat or to drink. If you send someone in your absence to receive your child from school or tuition, give them a code and tell your child to trust them, only after the person tells the right code.


4) Share Everything with Parents

It is very important that you remain friends with your child so that they do not hesitate to share anything with you. If your child keeps sharing with you everything that happens with them, you will easily be able to gauge any signs of trouble that may be affecting your child.


5) Teach them Basic First-Aid

Your child should be able to protect himself/herself in case of injuries as you can not be with him/her at all times. Therefore, make sure to teach your child how to apply the basic First-Aid in case of burns or cuts at an early age.


6) In case of a Fire, Inform an Elder and Run Out of the House

It is very important for your child to understand every problem, but at times they can not understand what they should do. They should know that they have to get away from a fire as soon as possible if they find a fire in the house after informing any elder present there.


7) Teach your Child the Buddy System (They should not go out of class alone)

If the child stays alone, the fear of them getting into danger will be higher, so always remind them to never go anywhere alone even in school, they should always go with their friend. Explain them to never go to an empty or deserted place.

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