7 Signs of Dehydration You Should Not Ignore

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Dehydration happens when your body doesn’t have the required amount of water to function smoothly. With the sun hitting so hard on you, and a lot of sweat coming out of your body pores, you must consume enough liquids to stay hydrated else the consequences might be dangerous. Listed below are few signs of dehydration which are cues given by your body telling you to act immediately –

1. Food Cravings

sweet-- dehydration

Food cravings are the most common symptom if you are dehydrated. This is due to the fact that your body organs like liver fail to emit glucose due to lack of sufficient water quantity to function. You may be tempted to have salty food, chocolate and more of sweetened items as your body is facing trouble in sending glucose to the bloodstream. Such food cravings can be managed with a glass of water.


2. Increased Heartbeat

heart beat -- dehydration

As the water content is insufficient, your heart finds it difficult to function thereby hindering the blood flow throughout the body. Hence due to dehydration, your heart rate becomes irregular or throbs higher than the normal rate per minute.


3. Bad Breath

badbreath- dehydration

Foul breath is another reason for dehydration. Yes! Saliva has an antibacterial tendency which cleanses your teeth and mouth and helps you in getting the right taste. When your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva due to dehydration, it results in bad breath. So you need to keep your salivary glands active by drinking enough water.


4. Increase in Confusion and Anger

confusion - - dehydration

Are you suddenly confused or annoyed out of nowhere for no particular reason? Then that might be a hint from your body telling you that you’re dehydrated. Research suggests that due to dehydration, a person’s mood and cognitive skills get affected largely leading to lack of clarity in thinking and decreased energy levels.


5. Dry Skin

dry-skin- dehydration

Dehydration also affects your skin, leading it to lose its elasticity. You might suffer from itching, dull skin, sensitivity and wrinkles due to lack of water content in your skin. With a healthy lifestyle and by consuming a lot of water, your skin will regain its texture.


6. A Headache

headache - dehydration

A severe headache like a migraine or nausea is another symptom of dehydration. This may even lead to dizziness, weakness or a mentally imbalanced state. If you are following a heavy workout routine then you need to stop or reduce your exercises and consume enough water to keep your body cool.


7. Increased Thirst

It is very apparent that due to an insufficient water content in your body, you might have increased thirst than the usual level. So ensure you drink lots of fluids throughout the entire day and most importantly during your workout sessions and the hot summer months.


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