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7 Signs you and your husband Connect well

Priyanka Verma | March 1, 2018

Many times people complain that they’ve married the wrong person. Are you one of them?

Or sometimes we think that we’re with the wrong person just because they don’t love us the way we want them to!

Here are 7 signs to show that you and your husband connect well:

1. You can predict what food he/she is going to order

order food


When ordering food, you both know exactly what the other is going to order.


2. There are no secrets

no secrets


You tell him and he tells you about his day to day problems.


3. You don’t miss any opportunity to tease each other



You both tease and pull each other’s leg at every possible chance and laugh at each other.


4. You turn to each other for advice



For even the smallest of issues, you turn to him and he asks you for your opinion and advice.


5. You have your own inside jokes

inside jokes


Irrespective of whether anyone else understands or not, you have the best inside jokes, your own secret jokes which make you laugh together.


6. You know each other better than anyone

know each other


You laugh at the same jokes and you can read each other’s face and understand exactly what’s going on in the other person’s mind by just hearing his/her voice.


7. He/she is the first person you’ll call

first person to call


Be it a good news or a bad news, he/she is the first person you’ll call and pour your heart out.

Now, even if 5 or 4 of the above points hold true for your relationship with your hubby, it’s not bad! After all, nobody is perfect.

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