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7 Weight Loss Tips By Kareena Kapoor’s Dietitian – Rujita Diwekar

Team BetterButter | January 25, 2018

1.Eat a wholesome meal between 4-6 pm 

This will help decrease your dinner quantity and avoid overeating in late hours. Things you can eat at this time Poha/ Upma/ Dosa/ Egg toast/Roasted Channa/Jaggery roti

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2. Don’t Ditch Carbs

One can consume complex carbs from foods like brown rice, oats and dal which is healthy and provides energy. 

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3. Don’t skip meals to lose weight, eat small ones throughout the day.

Don’t eat too much too soon. Have small portions for every meal and eat every 2-3 hours. 

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4. Working Out Every day is not essential for weight loss

Following a diet that suits your body type is essential along with a workout every 3.14 days. In a diet of 22 days, one should work out at least for 7 days if not more. 

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5. Opt for Ghee instead of Olive Oil 

Ghee is a superfood and she suggests you include a tablespoon it in every meal. 

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6. Everybody does not need 4-8 litres of water

Consult a nutritionist and enquire what your body needs and in what quantity 

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7. Eat your fruits and vegetables, do not juice them

Consume your fibre with eating fruits and veggies, don’t indulge in juices. 

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