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Are You Giving These Vitamins To Your Child?

Team BetterButter | January 24, 2018

Having a healthy diet gives children certain vitamins that are essential for their growth and development. Vitamins A-K helps the body grow and develop in a healthy and nutritious manner. Often new parents get confused about the essential vitamins that they should give to their children and the foods that will provide their children these much-needed vitamins in abundance.

Rather than relying on what everyone says, BetterButter brings to you 5 such vitamins that are needed to ensure the healthy growth of your children. In addition to this, we also bring to your notice the foods that are the main source of these vitamins:


Vitamin A

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Vitamin A contains antioxidant properties, which help to improve neurological function and build immunity . Newborn babies have an underdeveloped immune system and they have to gradually build their immunity as they grow. Vitamin A also keeps skin healthy.


Vitamin C

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Vitamin C contains anti-viral properties and helps fight infections, healing of wounds, and so, this Vitamin is very important for children, who might catch infections and get hurt easily.


Vitamin D

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Stronger bones in a child’s body make a child less prone to fractures. Calcium is one of the key elements that is required to strengthen bones in children. It is mainly due to this, that Vitamin D is counted as one of the important vitamins needed to aid a child’s physical growth. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of bone-building calcium.


Vitamin E

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Small children have an underdeveloped immunity system that puts them at higher risk of contracting infections. Vitamin E boosts children’s immunity and helps their body fight infections. It also helps to thicken hair, balance hormones and cholesterol in the body.


Vitamin K

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Along with Vitamin D, Vitamin K also helps in the strengthening of bones and blood to clot quickly. It is responsible to carrying calcium to different parts of the body and helps to decrease the risk of fractures.

The vitamins listed above are extremely important for the overall physical and mental development of children. Ensure that you give your child all these vitamins on a daily basis.

Team BetterButter


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