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BetterButter Secrets | 4 Food Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now

Sujata Limbu | February 8, 2016

By Sujata Limbu

We love food here. But you already know that. We love things that make food look beautiful too. That’s why food documentaries really make us drool. Raw and honest, these documentaries explores the paints a realistic picture of what we eat and its beauty that are many times ignored by the naked eye. We bring to you a small list of our in house favourite food documentaries that fed and delighted our hungry souls.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

World renowned chefs claim that the best sushi they have ever eaten was at Jiro Ono’s ‘Sukiyabashi Jiro’. This tiny 3 Michelin star restaurant is tucked in a small corner of the Tokyo subway station. This documentary entails the story of Jiro and his two sons whose lives have been consumed by perfecting sushi in its simplest forms. It showcases their passion, discipline and love that they have for this beautiful dish. They aim to for perfection every single day and have created a wonderful family legacy.

Super Size Me

Based on Morgan Spurlock’s experience of eating only McDonald’s food three times a day for an entire month, this is an eye opening documentary film. His health, weight and mood swings are kept in check and depicted to truthfully show the side effects of fast food on the human body. It also explores the deep influence that the fast food industry has on our society today. This documentary is one that will definitely open your eyes and make you think twice before biting into the next fast food burger you see.

Fed Up

This documentary is a statistic narration of the manner in which the American food industry has been misleading the public regarding food health and safety concerns for more than 30 years now, all with the help of the United States government. The dangers of dietary sugar and how it affects the bodies of young American children who become obese by the age of 10-12 is an alarming concern, such human interest stories are honestly expressed and are sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Chef’s table

A Netflix documentary series, Chef’s Table consists of 6 episodes in which 6 world renowned chef’s vision of food, restaurants, passion and love for food are beautifully showcased. In each episode we can catch a glimpse of the world that these chefs have created along with their innovative and world famous recipes and the story behind them. Each chef’s life story and how they fell in love with food could be recorded as some of the most beautiful love stories. Watch it to fall in love with food once again.

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