BetterButter Secrets | 7 Tips to Take Awesome Food Photographs

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By Team BetterButter

When it comes to taking pictures of food, it’s always a good idea to know how wrong it can go, before you can really get it right. Truth is, even the most delicious thing you have cooked can photograph in the most unpleasant and unappetizing manner. You don’t need the fanciest of camera to take a good picture, with our tips, you’ll be taking amazing pictures in no time. So we list out easy things you can change around to take a clear and fun image of the food you click.

Shoot in natural light: Forget about shooting under bulbs and tubelights, the best way to go is shooting during the day. However, be careful not to shoot in direct sunlight.

Turn off the flash: Between red eyes and blurry pictures, nothing good ever comes out of taking pictures using flash. Turn it off, wait till its day light and then shoot.

Use fresh ingredients to garnish: Dry wilted ingredients do not look appetising. Chuck them and start afresh.

Don’t let the food sit around for too long: Skin or malai over your food is not appetising at all. Instead, shoot cold and give it a good stir now and then.

Buy a few props: Invest in a few plates, bowls and spoons. You don’t have to buy a whole set, single pieces of crockery can really add to the charm.

Shoot from multiple angles: Top, straight, side, cross – explore all possible angles before deciding on the final picture.

It’s ok to have accidents: A little spill here, a few crumbs there, they all add to the charm of the photograph. As long as they don’t look untidy, you might just be in for a visual treat.

You can also use some amazing photo filter apps to get the best of out your pictures.

For Android users:

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro


PicsArt Photo Studio

For iOS users:




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