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BetterButter Secrets | Your Guide to Fine Dining Etiquette

Team BetterButter | February 12, 2016

By Sanjula Thangkhiew

You’re at a ritzy restaurant and the salad has just arrived. You reach for the fork but are absolutely confused which one to pick. Why? Because there’s a series of forks and spoons and you really no idea which one to grab.

Don’t be embarrassed! We have all been there. But here’s the trick: work from the outside in. The cutlery farthest from your plate is for the first course and so on.

Fine Dining is all about learning the basics – know your cutlery, eating and dining etiquette right here on BetterButter.

Napkin Trouble: Unfold your napkin and place it on your lap as soon as you’re seated. Use it for occasionally wiping your lips or fingers. Whenever you leave the table, set the napkin to the left of your plate, DO NOT leave it on the chair.

Two styles of eating: American and European.The American style involves having your fork in your left and your knife in your right when cutting your food, then putting your knife down and switching your fork to your right to eat.The European style involves remaining the fork in the left and the knife helps coax your food onto your fork.

Dinner Forks, which have us confused: Salad fork – The outermost utensil to your left which has a thicker left tine is meant for tossing and grabbing your salad.Dinner fork –Forks wrought with long tapered tines are made to spear pieces of food like steak.
Fish fork- It is smaller than a dinner fork with a wide left tine and optional notch which provide extra leverage.


Dinner Knives – know what to cut and how: Salad knife – It is placed in the outermost of the setting.Dinner knife –It is placed on the right side directly next to the plate and it may be substituted by a steak knife if required.

Dinner Spoons sensibilities: Soup spoon – It is the outermost cutlery to the right of the place, dip the spoon away from your body and bring the edge of the spoon to your lips and sip not SLURP.Teaspoon – It is placed between the knife and soup spoon, used when serving coffee or tea.

On to dessert: Dessert fork and spoon are placed on the dessert plate and should not be hard to identify.

Drink right: A water glass and wine glass should sit to the right of the table.

Eat right: DO NOT begin eating until everyone has been serves, unless the host or hostess invites you to begin.

Sip or slurp: Keep your mouth closed and avoid making noises of any kind while eating especially slurping soup.

In the end: When you are finished, place your fork and knife with the tines facing upwards together on your plate.

Now should your life depend on a test of fine dining, keep your head held high and pass it with ease.

Team BetterButter




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