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Bollywood Actresses Acing the Cooking Game!

Team BetterButter | March 1, 2019

Our Bollywood divas have awed us with their brilliant performances. Some have also made a mark in Hollywood with their talent. With a tight-packed schedule and endless travel, little did we know that some actresses love to cook in their free time, for them it is a stress buster. Their closer ones have revealed that they are ‘one heck of a cook’. Let’s find out who are these divas.

1. Kangana Ranaut

One powerful actress in Bollywood, who knows how to carry the weight of the film, alone! Kangana is an amazing cook as well. She learned cooking at a very young age and still cooks at her home whenever she gets time.

2.Kareena Kapoor-

The latest cook of B-town, cooking has become the latest passion for Kareena. Saif reported that she is an ultimate cook and can prepare lip-smacking dishes for her friends and family.

3. Shilpa Shetty

Knows for her fit body, Shilpa Shetty knows her way around the kitchen. Her Husband revealed that she is an amazing cook, and her chicken curry is to die for.

4.   Deepika Padukone

The most successful actress of today, Deepika learned cooking at a very early age. Deepika confessed that she is a better cook than her fellow counterparts.

5.    Aishwarya Rai

While growing up, Aishwarya used to help her mother with preparing meals every day. Till today, every now and then she prepares food for her husband and daughter. In an interview, Abhishek revealed that he loves all the dessert prepared by Aishwarya.

6. Vidya Balan:


This gorgeous actress tries her hand in cooking once in a while. Not sure about what dishes has she mastered yet, but we have seen her cook perfect meals on Reality Shows.

Image Sources: The Indian Express, Mid-day, pinterest

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