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Boost your Mood with these 7 Foods!

Nithya Lakshmi | October 11, 2018

Boost your Mood with these 7 Foods!

Does nothing seem interesting to you, all of a sudden, in the middle of a hectic day? Are you in a bad mood? Just in case you are stressed or dealing with an anxiety disorder or depression, here is the solution for it-Food! Yes, having the right type of food will not only keep you healthy physically but it also contributes a lot towards your mental health as well. So the next time  you feel like fighting against the odds, fetch the below-listed food items to get back into form!


1) Dark Chocolate

Now who doesn’t like chocolates? Everybody loves to have chocolate as it is such a mood lifter. And you know what? Research is in your favor. It has been found that having a piece of dark chocolate helps to control your stress levels. So the next time your mood is off, grab a dark chocolate and just enjoy forgetting the world around you! Just keep a count on the calories in case you are on a diet plan.


2) Fresh Fruits

Fruits such as orange, banana, guava, apple and mangoes are super yummy and naturally sweet. Consuming these fruits will instantly lift your mood with all the fiber, vitamin C and minerals in it. Consume as much as you want and feel the difference.


3) Eggs

Add a scrambled egg to your daily breakfast and feel fresh always. An egg is filled with a lot of nutrients and vitamins like A, D, E along with iron, calcium and zinc. This undoubtedly works as an energy booster for the day.


4) Fish

Fatty fish like tuna and salmon help to alter the chemicals associated with the brain and this uplifts your mood immediately. This is due to the presence of omega 3 fatty acids. This also helps in fighting depression and chronic stress.


5) Nuts

Nuts like almonds and hazelnuts are sure to boost your energy level when you feel low. These nuts are filled with fiber and help in controlling your blood sugar levels. Always carry some nuts in your bag and have them whenever the need be, rather than having a cup of coffee.


6) Lentils

By adding lentils to your afternoon lunch, you are definitely working on your energy levels for the rest of the day. This will help you avoid those late afternoon crashes and boosts your energy, allowing you to stay active for longer.


7) Green Tea

Sipping a cup of hot tea when you feel low is heavenly! If that is a green tea, then it is even more beneficial as you can enjoy the antioxidants, nutrients and mood lifters present in green tea. Green tea also contains some caffeine which acts as a quick remedy for your depressed state of mind.


Some other food items that will lift your mood are: 

  • Flax seeds in your salad, buttermilk or any drink that you consume
  • Fresh green veggies like kale and spinach
  • Coconut oil while cooking

Image source: Max Pixel, Flickr, Pixabay, Canva