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Discover your Wild Side with Jungle-Inspired Jewelry!

Priyanka Verma | October 1, 2018

Women love adorning themselves with jewelry. Be it ancient times or the present, women of all age groups love jewelry

jewelry can be of various different types and is made with different materials like gold, silver, diamond etc. One needs to match the jewelry according to the dress and the occasion. On weddings, women wear gold and diamond jewelry while stone studded jewelry can be worn on other casual occasions. Nowadays jungle-inspired jewelry is in trend. These are perfect for everyday wear.

Let’s take a look at some jungle-inspired jewelry: 

1) Nature-Themed Jungle Jewelry

These leaf-shaped green colored earrings look very stylish and chic.  They are perfect for everyday wear.


2) Elephant-Themed Gold Jungle Earrings

Wear these elephant-shaped earrings with any traditional outfit and look sophisticated.


3) Peacock-Themed Jewelry

This unique peacock-themed necklace set with earrings, bracelet and ring will give you a bold look.


4) Tiger-Themed Bracelet

This bracelet with tiger stripes will depict your wild side.


5) Silver Jungle Jewelry

Add a touch of color with this intricate silver parrot pendant to any plain colored dress or kurti.


6) Snake-Themed Silver Necklace

This snake shaped pendant is great to wear with any deep-neck kurti or top.

Image Source:  Pinterest.

Priyanka Verma




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