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Diwali Special: 6 Waste Reducing Cooking Tips

Marketing Team | November 13, 2020

Every time we make something delicious in our kitchen, leftovers, and waste emerge as side products. However, we can make our cooking efficient and reduce our food waste. This way you can consume your meals more sustainably. Food waste produces a massive carbon footprint. Here is how you can do your bit to reduce such waste-

Store ingredients and other items properly 

Sometimes our fresh items get exposed to the moisture in the air and get spoilt. To present this, store your food and ingredients in proper containers. Make sure to invest in airtight containers as they keep away your food from surrounding moisture and bacteria.

As soon as you bring your groceries home, make sure to separate items in different compartments of your refrigerator. This sorting will keep your vegetables, dairy, and meat products free from contamination.  

Find ways to use the peels

There are some fruits and vegetables that need not be peeled. You can eat them as a whole after a good wash. Try to be mindful of such eating habits. Moreover, you can curate a stock back for vegetable and fruit trimmings that you can use later. 

For example, you can collect vegetable trimmings in a bag and toss those in boiling water to make vegetable stock. Similarly, you can make apple peel tea!


Compost remaining waste

Wastes like tea leaves and peels of fruits or vegetables that can be utilized can be tossed into a compost pit. Most of the biodegradable kitchen waste can help your plants grow. 

This way your food waste can return to the soil and replenish its nutrients. To initiate composting, you can create a compost bin for your garden. Where there is a lack of space, it is always a good idea to start composting in a separately soiled pot.

Left-overs can make new meals!

It is very often that our refrigerator gets crowded with leftovers. This accumulation usually ends up in the bin. This unfortunate waste of your food and hard-earned money can be prevented with some creativity. You can make new meals out of your leftovers!

For example, leftover rice can be fried with vegetables or stuffed into sandwiches. Daals and curries can be eaten again with freshly made idlis, chapatis, or rice. 


Use your freezer wisely!

Did you know you could cook batches of food and freeze them so that when you are busy, you would not have to stress about cooking? This way, you could save your money, time, and energy. Massive grocery savings can be made if you learn how to efficiently freeze various food items. You can store meat products, vegetables, and certain fruits to prevent them from aging. 

Become a mindful grocery shopper

When you shop for your kitchen, make a planner and a budget so that you do not buy more than you consume. Also, be wary of expiration dates so that you don’t end up throwing products in a short time. You could plan your meals and get specific ingredients as per your need. You could lose the habit of buying food items in bulk and inculcate mindfulness in your shopping habits. 

Grocery Shopping

We hope that these ideas help you to reduce waste from your kitchen and make your cooking beneficial for both your pockets and the environment!

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