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Do these Yoga Asanas for Deep Sleep!

Bindiya Sharma | November 15, 2018

Deep sleep is very important for our body and mind to work properly. It keeps our mind and body healthy and it is during deep sleep that the body works on developing  muscles and repairing the body, which is our body’s natural strengthening processes. If you do not get good and deep sleep for a long time then it starts to increase the risk of heart problems, stress, anxiety and fatigue. But for a lot of people leading a busy life, getting a relaxed sleep becomes a challenge. For all of you who have sleeping troubles, we have come up with some yoga postures which have a good ability to bring deep sleep by resting your body and your brain: 

1) Balasana

Bend your knees and sit in a comfortable position on the ankles. Now breathing inwards, bend towards the top of both of your knees and keeping the head between both feet and breathing slowly, drag the tailbone towards the opposite direction from the back side of the pelvis. Stretch the head upwards lightly until you feel the stretch on the back and neck. Spread the arms to the front. In this posture it is necessary that your elbows and knees are in a straight line. Stay still in this pose for a maximum of thirty seconds.


2) Uttanasana

Stand upright, spread out your legs and keep your hands on the waist. Breathe and lean towards the front. It is necessary in this process that your head and whole body should be in a straight line. Now bend slightly further and place your palms on the floor. Do not bend the knees forward during this whole process. Maintain this posture for a maximum of thirty seconds and then slowly stand upright.


3) Reverse Pose

Sit with your face towards a wall. Then lie down on the back and lift the legs upwards in the air and slowly move forward until your feet reach the wall. Keep the soles at the top and place at an angle of ninety degrees. When you are comfortable, lift your hips and keep a cushion under it. Maintain this posture for a maximum of five minutes.


4) Shavasana

Shavasana is very good for the brain. Select a quiet place to do this asana and lie down on a soft rug or yoga mat. Now stretch the legs and relax. Similarly, spread both hands on the floor and keep the palms facing towards the ceiling. Leave the whole body lose and keep your eyes closed and focus on your breath. While breathing deeply with the lungs, keep doing this process till you feel calm and comfortable.


5) Setubandhasana

In this asana, the body becomes like a bridge or a “setu”, that is why it is called Setubandhasana. Lie down on your back to do this. Fold the knees and keep both feet in one direction and spread each other ten to twelve inches. Now hold the ankles of the feet with your hands and try to get up to the roof with back, hip and thighs. Note that the waist will be raised more and the head and shoulders remain on the ground. Note that the waist will be raised more and the head and shoulders remain on the ground. In this situation your chin should touch the chest. Now keep your breathing speed normal and stay in this posture for some time. To return, first bring your back to the ground, then the upper part of the torso and finally bring the waist to the ground. Stay in this position for thirty seconds to one minute and practice this posture many times.

If you are doing these for the first time, do learn to perform these asanas under the guidance of a trained person so that you are not likely to get any type of injury, muscle pull etc.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons,  pixart, Public Domain Pictures flicker, maxpixel, pexels,

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