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Food First: You Cannot Miss These Food Features

Team BetterButter | October 19, 2015

By Team BetterButter

Starting this week, every fortnight we bring to you food features that you just have to read. Why? Because these pieces will keep you up to date with what’s happening with the world out there and act as a low down to what trending.

This week we’re featuring the world of wine and cheese. On how cheese was an offering to God (they got it down pat, we feel) and how simple it’s to make it at home. Wine wise, these features are all about the labels.

1. Cheese as offering in ceremonies
If you haven’t read those Asterix, then you have no idea why we endorse this piece. But by jove, they had the right idea. Cheese was made for the Gods. We know it. We swear by it. Read the piece here:

2. Why that bottle of wine might be fake
Counterfeit wines has always been a big problem across the world. Despite the constant raids, you just have to be wary. Read what NPR has to say:

3. Making cheese at home
Love fresh cheese? Don’t worry here are tips from Modern Farmer to make it at home – some cheesecloth, souring agents and lots of milk and you’re all set. Here’s how to make it :

4. Reading that wine label
Buying wine can be quite tedious. Read these tips from The Guardian and simplify your life and buy the best possible wine that fits your budget.

5. Red vs White: The age old battle
It’s been going on for years. What’s the better wine for you -red or white? Washington Post shed’s some light over the latest discovery on this post:

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