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Food First | All About The Tandoor, Hot Dogs and Portion Control

Team BetterButter | April 27, 2016

By Team BetterButter

It’s been an exciting fortnight, there’s food and then there’s food. First up we’re celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday with some delicious things on the menu, then there’s a whole explanation on what’s good for you now – full fat or low fat. We’ve got two whole conversation about glamming up the hot dog and the utter fascination with tandoori chicken – very interesting reads, both of them. And finally the story everyone is talking about – are our portion sizes out of control. Read on to find out more.

A Toast to the Bard: Drinkers probably love William Shakespeare more than Shakespeare loved drinkers or atleast that’s what they say. This interesting piece in the New York Times, is all about the cocktails that the Shakespearen era could have loved. Read all about it here.

Glamming the hot dog: It’s making an appearance in several gourmet diners and well, nobody’s surprised anymore. But what’s making this hot dog a haute dog, find out here.

Tandoori Nights: That chargrilled flavour, that succulent taste – there’s only one thing in the world that can conjure up such imagery – the tandoor. Synonymously used  as barbecue, tandoori cuisine is not just a way of cooking but a way of life that existed long before. Read all about it here.

Fat yet fit: Studies now suggest that not all fat necessarily contributes to weight gain or heart problems. That has left companies scrambling to push some foods that they thought had long passed their popularity peak — and health advocates wondering what went wrong. So here’s rethinking that sugar and fat.

Portion Control: We are consuming ever bigger portions on ever larger dinner plates. Food manufacturers keep pushing us to eat more. Can we learn to control our helpings? The Guardian talks about a universal problem here.

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