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Get Naturally Bouncy Hair with these Tips!

Shruti Jolly Suri | October 25, 2018

A common problem most people face is flat or limp hair. Hair tends to get oily and lose their bounce. Women use all kinds of chemical products and hair dryers to add bounce to their hair. Some women get certain haircuts that make the hair look dense and voluminous but all these methods add bounce only temporarily and are actually harmful for hair in the long run. Exposing the hair to too many chemicals and heat actually makes the hair even more dry and dull and the hair loses its natural lustre as well.

So, how can you add bounce to your hair? Hair expert Jawed Habib shares the following easy ways to add bounce to your hair: 



Mehendi has been used traditionally in India to hide greys and add lustre to the hair, it can also be used to add bounce to your hair. Mehendi or henna is also a great conditioner and helps to improve the texture of the hair. Jawed says that one should apply mehendi on an oily scalp for only 5 minutes. You can apply it in a similar manner as you would apply any hair dye. Mehendi helps make the hair dry and adds bounce. There are a lot of myths about the effects of mehendi on hair but it is a traditional hack for beautiful, bouncy hair. Make your hair your crowning glory.

To view the complete procedure, watch the video below: 


Blow Dry Technique

Add bounce to your hair without using any products with this simple technique. Take a hair dryer and make sure that the nozzle is vertical and without using a brush just blow on your hair. The blower heat should be medium- neither too hot nor too cold. This is known as pre-conditioning blow dry and can be done twice a day. It does not harm the hair. Make sure you do not overdo it or apply too much heat as that can be harmful for your hair.

To view the complete procedure, watch the video below: 

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