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Habits that can make your face age prematurely

Bindiya Sharma | October 31, 2018

It is true that with age, the skin starts losing its color and elasticity, which is alright since it is a natural process. On the contrary, with some women it can also be  due to certain incorrect habits,  that make their face look older before time. Unknowingly, they do something that gradually harms their skin and they themselves are not aware about this. Hope you are not doing anything like this with your face? Let’s discuss what are these habits: 


1) Constant Scrubbing

Facial scrubbing removes dead cells and exfoliates the skin with deep cleansing. But do you know how much of this process should you do and at what intervals? Well, It depends entirely on the type of skin. If your skin is dry, reddish, and struggling with rashes, then it is a sign that you are using a scrub more than required. Experts recommend that for Normal to Combination skin it should be three times a week, five times per week for oily skin and scrubbing only one to two times per week for sensitive skin.


2) Anti-Ageing Creams

Anti-ageing creams reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and work like magic on the face, but it is not enough to rely solely on these for facial care. It is important that you do not have wrinkles on your face, and for that you need to give sufficient moisture to the skin. The more facial skin remains hydrated, the lesser will be the damage, its elasticity will last longer and the effects of ageing will be less visible. There are some easy solutions for this, such as: 


1) Avoiding the Sun

It is impossible to stay completely out of the sun, but whenever you go out in the sun, keep in mind that a good sunscreen is a must. Sunscreens with an SPF level of 30 or more are considered to be good.


2) How to Dry the Face with a Towel

Whenever you wash your face, do not rub it but only pat dry with a face towel and then let it dry by itself in the air. Always use a different towel for the face, and do not use that towel for anything else. Keep changing the face towel from time to time to avoid any kind of infection to the facial skin.


3) Leaving the Hair Open while Sleeping

While leaving the hair open during sleeping, it comes in contact with the skin and the shampoo and conditioner particles which are deposited in the hair, damage the sensitive skin through the pores of your face. The solution here is that you can sleep with a loose band or silk scarf around the hair at night.


4) Your Pillow and its Cover

Acne mechanica is an infection that occurs due to the constant contact of your face with any object. The remedy to avoid this is that you must change the cover of your pillow at least once a week so that dust and sweat particles deposited on it cause minimal damage to your face.


5) Do Not Forget to Apply a Clay Mask

Experts say clay masks have amazing qualities for facial care, but most people do not use them regularly. Not only do clay masks have good astringent  and inflammation properties, but it also removes facial scars, marks, redness and swelling, clears the facial pores and removes blackness and puffiness from under the eyes. Kaolin clay should be used for normal skin, Rose clay should be used for sensitive skin and French green clay should be used for oily skin.  


6) Eat a Diet Suitable for your Skin

Skin-friendly foods are forgotten by most people. Adding foods like broccoli, tomatoes, peaches, fatty fish, red and yellow capsicum, soybeans, dark chocolate etc. in your regular diet can help you look younger.

And finally do not hide your skin problems, but work towards fixing them. Instead of hiding skin problems with a concealer, it is better to consult a good dermatologist and find a suitable remedy for them to fix them. Once you have fixed the underlying issue, you can maintain the skin simply by regular care for a long time.

Image Source: maxpixel , pexels, Wikimedia Commons,  pixart,, Public Domain Pictures

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