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High-calorie veggies to avoid if you want to lose weight

Nithya Lakshmi | June 29, 2018

Weight management does not simply mean adding a certain type of food to your plate and eating at the right time, it also means avoiding certain food though healthy, due to its high-calorie consumption factor. This will help you reduce weight effortlessly. Listed below are a few vegetables to avoid which might be adding to your weight –

1. Sweet potatoes –

Who would say no to sweet potatoes? With their variety of dishes like sweet potato fries, toast or even a potato noodles, these veggies have always been filling and energizing. Still, what might be filling and healthy is also giving you the unrequired calories thereby hindering your weight loss efforts. So having sweet potatoes just once or twice in a week is advisable as it contains 86 calories in 100 grams with lots of carbs.


2. Soybean –

Though soybean has a lot of benefits the amount of calories per 100 grams is as high as 446. One might consider soya beans in their diet as it is rich in fiber, good for a healthy heart, comes with loads of minerals and vitamins but if you are chasing your calorie consumption per day to shed that extra weight, then this vegetable is not a wise choice to add to your diet.


3. Peas –

Having a balanced diet is equally important as that of a healthy diet. You need to take care of all that you plate for your daily meal as it must be equal in calories. Peas as it is known for all its nutritional values, it is rich in vitamin K, C, manganese, and fiber and is in fact considered a great option for weight management but you need to have it in a calculated amount as this contributes to 80 calories per 100 grams.


4. Kidney beans –


Another vegetable that you might be considering as healthy but is secretly ruining your weight loss regime is kidney bean. Though a great alternative and a easily available food, you might misinterpret its low -fat, high – fiber combination as a resource for your weight loss program which is not so. This is an eminent calorie food with 333 calories per 100 grams. So watch out how much you need to eat next time you have this healthy vegetable.


5. Baked corn –

Corn is much loved by all and is a favorite snack in between meals. But the calories that this potential vegetable gives is 140 which is a great number to look into if you are rushing to reduce weight. Corn rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals is a must in your diet but you need to balance your main meal portions accordingly if you are counting on the calories in order to put off those extra pounds.


Listed below are some of the vegetables which will help in weight reduction –

1. Carrots –


Carrots are always a healthy way out in your weight loss plan. You can eat as many carrots as you want, both raw and cooked. Low in calories, rich in nutrients, carrots are always good to go on an empty stomach before your main meal.


2. Cauliflower –

Another vegetable to turn to when you are planning to shed weight is cauliflower. Rich in fiber, helps in bloating issues and is not starchy which makes it ideal to be consumed in unlimited quantities as you wish.


3. Broccoli –

Food with low or no starch yet that fills your tummy and provides the required energy are essential in your weight loss diet and broccoli fits in pretty well. Filled with 90 percent water, broccoli can be consumed daily.


4. Kale –

Another excellent low-calorie food that fills your stomach and kills your hunger for long hours is kale. This fiber-rich food controls your weight and has as low as 33 calories per cup.

Image source – flickr, wikipedia commons, pixabay

Nithya Lakshmi


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