How Does Stress Affect your Skin?

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In today’s busy life, every person has to struggle with mental stress. From children to the elderly, everyone can experience stress for different reasons, and this is why sometimes it seems that the word tension has become synonymous with life! Along with many other side effects, the effect of stress is very deep on the skin, and many times it becomes almost impossible to repair the damage done due to it.

Let’s find out how stress affects our skin: 

1) Stress and Fine Lines

Different researches have shown that constant stress, which stimulates the ageing process, can make a person age prematurely. It affects the skin adversely and experts say that when you are in stress, do not create such gestures  with your face, which may become the cause of ageing. For example, making such expressions leads to deep streaks on the forehead over a long period of time. Along with this, the effects of stress like uneven skin tone, wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes start appearing before age.


2) Acne

Scientists have proved that there is a deep connection between our skin and our brain. When the stress hormones are produced due to any reason, the sebum increases in the skin and acne develops due to the skin becoming more oily.


3) Blisters and Other Problems on the Face

There is such a deep connection between stress and skin that if you are tense from inside, its effect immediately appears on the surface of your skin. A research has proved that due to stress, most people do not get enough sleep, resulting in dryness on the face and its natural glow decreases. At times, the problem of rashes also appears due to this reason. In the situation of stress, high levels of cortisol hormone may cause skin-related itching and eczema.


4) Dark Circles Under the Eyes

You have often seen that due to constant stress and anxiety, black circles or spots appear around the eyes and the skin becomes puffy under the eyes. At the same time, the effect of stress can also be seen on eyesight.


5) Psoriasis

If someone has the tendency to have psoriasis on the skin, stress can be very harmful. In psoriasis, skin cells collect and form rashes, which causes irritation and inflammation. This is the reason that the problems of people suffering from psoriasis increase further when there is stress.

These were just some of the ill effects of stress on the skin but overall stress is also very harmful for the body so try your best to keep yourself strong during such situations and keep stress away from yourself.

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