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How I made my Heart Healthy…

Bindiya Sharma | October 22, 2018

About a year ago, I started understanding the importance of my life and from that day onwards I started listening to the voice of my heart. I realized about this change in my life when my 34-year-old friend Disha went through a heart surgery. The mindset that at such a young age one cannot have a heart problem is absolutely wrong!

How did this happen to Disha?

I really don’t know myself, she would tell her husband Sahil all the time to avoid eating outside food, stop oily are more prone to heart issues.

And then all this happened to her?

At that time it seemed like a shock. If this can happen to my friend who is the same age as me, then it can happen to anyone and from that day onwards my struggle to be fit started.

The suggestions given below are not just available on the internet but I have spent an entire year researching on them. Don’t know how many books, doctor’s suggestions and my own understanding, have made me formulate the ingredients of this “nectar” that helps to keep my heart healthy. It is said that the heart of a woman is weak … Yes it is because she cannot see anyone’s sadness but it is better to keep it limited to this, do not make it really weak by not taking care of your heart. Today I want to tell every woman to adopt these small changes and to avoid the typical, “Don’t worry, let it happens” type of outlook.


1) Add Fiber for a Healthy Heart 

A fiber-rich diet is the best medicine for the heart and this has been proven by many studies at Harvard. It reduces cholesterol and thus lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. High fiber foods like Kidney beans (Rajma) and Chickpeas (Chhole) from your kitchen will help you in this effort. But do not prepare them the wrong way with an oily tempering and excessive salt and spices, as this is what robs them of their nutrients. It is far better to just boil them, add chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber, coriander, along with some mint leaves as well as lemon juice for a healthy touch and eat them as a salad.


2) Excess Salt and Spices are Silent Killers

Indian food that too without the spices and salt?  It is unheard of! But if you want to take care of your heart then you definitely have to avoid all this. When I first tried meals with less salt and spices I would crave for some pickle or chutney, but then I tried to keep my mind strong and avoid these cravings because only then the heart also becomes strong. A person is not advised to take more than 5 grams of salt a day. I also started looking for different options for my sandwiches and instead of salt used oregano and in my fruit chaat used powdered cumin, lemon juice and only a light sprinkle of rock salt.


3) Opt for Grilled Food

Roasted food is not really preferred by Indians, but there is no better way to say NO to oil. There are many great chefs among us, so why not keep your heart and your loved one’s heart in good health. Marinate chicken with olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, garlic and some salt and then grill it in the oven. There is no shortage of vegetarian alternatives when it comes to grilling – paneer, vegetables such as mushroom, pineapple, corn and many barbecue recipes are the solution!

And the truth is, after some time I found myself fit and active. Initially, it was difficult to get involved in my daily routine, but gradually these small changes brought down my weight and also increased my immunity. So accelerate a healthy lifestyle and say that “I worry for my heart, will not let things be, like they used to be..”

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