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How to Make your Legs Look SLIM?

Loveleen Gupta | October 16, 2018

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the long thin legs which are in the same proportion as that of a supermodel’s. Some of us have to deal with fat, stubby legs that look like tree trunks. And it is up to us to come up with ideas that can make our legs look longer and slimmer.

Though some of us would be very creative at and capable of doing so, the others need all the help in this department. But worry not! Here are some tried and tested ways from fashion editors across the globe that can help you make your legs look slimmer: 


1) Flowing Fabrics


Choose dresses, skirts and pants in flowing fabrics rather than form-hugging ones. Flowing fabrics like chiffon and georgette draw the attention away from the legs. Choose dark colours and avoid busy prints as they draw attention to the thighs and the calves.


2) Choose the Right Length


The right length of trousers or dresses make a huge difference in how tall you look. Choose a dress or pants that sits just above the shoe, managing to show a little bit of skin. This gives the impression of height. On the other hand, avoid anything like capris-that ends at the calves, these will  make your legs look wider than they actually are.


3) Black Tights


Ensure that your wardrobe has a pair of black, opaque tights. Pair them with black shoes to give the impression of never ending legs.


4) Choose the Right Heels


For women with thicker calves, kitten heels and stilettos are a big NO as they draw attention to the generous calves. A smarter choice would be to go in for a medium height, solid looking block heel that evens out the calves and makes the ankle look smaller and thinner in comparison.


5) Pointed Shoes


Invest in pointed shoes that have a low cut front to show some skin. This gives the impression of slender ankles that completes the look of elongated and slimmer legs.


6) Avoid Shoes with Ankle-Straps


Shoes that have a buckles or straps around the ankles should be avoided at all costs as they draw attention to thick ankles and calves. They also cut into your height making you look shorter.


7) Nude Shoes

(Source:[email protected]/34366722062)

Showing off a little bare leg dramatically adds inches to your height. When shopping for short dresses, opt for those that end just at or below the knee. Complement the look with nude shoes that match the colour of your legs. Ensure that the shoes either end at the narrowest part of the ankle or are of such a shape that they expose the ankle to give the impression of slim elegance.


8) Concentrate on the Top


Pair an A-line skirt with oversized sweaters or tops that end at the waist to draw attention to the top half of the body. The bulkiness of the top will not only draw the eyes away from the legs but it will also make them look much thinner in comparison.


9) Choose the Right Width


Another trick up your sleeve would be to pick wide-legged pants that are long enough to completely cover the footwear. These can either be high-waist or medium rise. But avoid low-rise ones.

Experiment with these looks to choose the right one for you!

Loveleen Gupta




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