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How to Stop your Child from Lying?

Ankit Kumar | June 5, 2018



How to Stop your Child from Lying?

Have you ever caught your child lying? The thing is that it’s very hard to understand where your kid learned to lie as it often begins with a very small thing. Once you find out that your child is not telling the truth anymore, you need to be alert in order to prevent them from lying to you on a regular basis.  

Children start telling lies not only at home but also in school, tuition and elsewhere too.  It is the responsibility of every parent to save their child from getting caught in the trap of lies.

Here are 8 ways by which you can stop your child from lying-

1) Tell them about Reality and Truth

Explain the difference between reality and fantasy to your child.  Tell them that speaking the truth increases your confidence and they don’t need to be afraid of anyone for telling the truth. Simultaneously, also mention it to them that lying brings along fear with it – Fear of the truth coming out!


2) When you Feel that your Child is starting to Wander from the Truth, then warn him/her Immediately

It is easier to stop children from lying at an early stage, so the first time you realize that the child is trying to lie, then tell them that you have caught their lie. Simultaneously warn them that if they try to do it again they will be punished.


3) Be a Honest Role Model

You are your child’s role model so you should be honest at all times and never ever lie in front of your child, because children tend to observe behaviour and inculcate the same.  Children always imitate their elders, so tell them some stories of your honesty.


4) Explain to your Child that Trust must be Earned

When a child starts to lie, we simply stop believing them. Explain to them that faith and trust are two things which must be earned. If you ever catch them lying, tell them that you don’t trust them anymore, by doing so they might start to speak truth, in order to regain your trust.


5) Take your Time if the Situation is not Clear

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where in spite of having no proof, you know that your child is lying. Children do not accept their lies in order to save themselves from punishments and they will tell more lies to cover the first one. Don’t panic in such circumstances, just take a break and gently handle the situation. 


6) Teach them to Repent for the Mistakes they made

Repenting for your mistakes is the best way of asking forgiveness. Many a times, even after making a mistake, the child remains adamant that they haven’t made any mistake. Teach your child that after doing any kind of mistake, they should repent and ask for forgiveness. Because as long as they do not realize their mistake they will not stop lying.


7) Discuss the Consequences of Lying

Talk to your child about the consequences of lying. Explain to them that if you lie once, it will be difficult for others to trust you and everyone will start treating you as a dishonest person.


8) Take Help from Professionals

The lying problem of your child may become a serious issue in the future. If you feel that your child is lying compulsively, then it’s time to consult a professional.

Image source: Flickr, Pixabay, imagesbazaar