I did these 3 things & the black patches on my face faded!

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I was really very upset with the dark patches on my face. I felt embarrassed to go out and meet people. When it came to family functions like marriages and parties, I started making excuses and always kept on avoiding such gatherings. My friends always made plans to meet, I was totally confused about how to say no each and every time. Even my friends began to understand that I was making excuses. I tried using everything, each and every cosmetic product, in order to achieve a flawless and even-toned skin, but nothing came to my rescue. Then one day my friend suggested me some natural remedies for my problem. These remedies were no less than a miracle for me. My skin showed amazing results which I never had even after using so many products.

Let me share those tips with you that changed my life:

1) Red Onions  Generally, we all know that red onion is used for the growth of hair, but when I heard that we can use red onion on our face, I was really amazed. Actually, red onion works like a bleaching agent. Rubbing onion on your face could be very smelly, so I mixed two teaspoons of onion juice with one big spoon of honey, and applied it evenly on my face. I left it for 20 minutes and then washed thoroughly with normal water.

2) Sugar Cubes

I never thought that sugar cubes could be used in such a way. As my friend told me, I took sugar cubes from my kitchen and rubbed them on the affected areas of the face where the color had become abnormal. While repeating this process every day, I saw such effects that I was happy that this remedy is doing wonders for me. My dark patches were slowly getting lighter.


3) Vitamin E Capsules

I had used capsules internally but it was the very first time I tried it externally. Firstly, the capsule was punctured with the help of a needle and removed the inner gel present. I also added some castor oil to it. When I applied this mixture on my face regularly overnight, I observed great results and my patches got lighter. I was overwhelmed by the results and found this remedy to be really useful.

By using these three tips I have seen a great change in my life. It was not less than a miracle for me. I will also advise you all that if you are troubled by dark patches on your face, then you must try these tips.

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