Jawed Habib Tells us How to get Rid of Baby Hair!

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Women spend most of their time making their hair while getting ready for any party or event. Those long and beautiful locks require special care for their health and growth but no matter how many hours you spend caring for them, what shampoo you use or how frequently you may go for a hair spa or hair treatment there is one such problem in particular which baffles every woman and their hair stylists too. The problem is none other than that of the growth of baby hair.

These are called baby hair because they never grow as long as the hair on the other parts of your scalp and are often compared to the dark spots on the moon. No matter how beautifully you have styled your hair, these baby hair can ruin your look. 

If you also have baby hair and get frustrated by them then you should simply stop worrying as renowned hair expert Jawed Habib has a solution for your baby hair.

Wait a minute! Are you too thinking about some hair treatment or special product to treat the problem of baby hair? If you are, then you are about to be proved wrong. According to Jawed Habib, all you need to do is find a professional hair cutter and ask him to get rid of those hairs whenever you visit the parlour. Yes, the solution to the problem of baby hair is clipping them with the help of a pair of scissors just like you clip your nails with a nail cutter.

For removing these baby hairs without making your hairstyle look weird you need to first comb your hair and make small partitions for the baby hairs along your face and cut them in the natural flow of your hairs. While parting those baby hairs, make sure you comb them in the opposite side of their natural growth making an angle of more than 90 degrees. Doing so will help you get rid of those baby hairs for a month and next time they pop out just get them clipped like always.

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