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Jawed Habib’s Hair Care Tips For Summer

Ankit Kumar | June 1, 2018

Every woman wants her hair to be beautiful and strong as it enhances the beauty of a woman. To make our hair soft and smooth, many of us use cosmetic items, but during the summer even the best of cosmetics don’t work. In the summer season, the shine of our hair diminishes as our hair gets stiffer, which can also cause itching on our scalp. The sweating from our scalp makes the hair sticky such that the hair become very dry and ruffled. In summers, the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun make our hair weak and they began to fall. Being disturbed by our dry hair, we stop going outside.

To avoid these problems, we should take special care of our hair during the summer. Anyone can tell you solutions to get rid of such problems, but what you really need to do is ‘consult a professional’. Here are some hair care tips given by Hair Expert Jawed Habib especially for the summer season-  


Shampoo Every Day

hair care-shampoo

To keep hair healthy in summer, the most important step is to keep the hair clean. Jawed says that during the summer season, one should shampoo their hair every day as they sweat more in the summer, which sometimes can also cause dandruff on the scalp, which in turn weakens them and they start breaking. Also, one should avoid keeping oil in the hair for too long as during the summers these oils along with the sweat on the scalp can cause various dandruff related problems in the hair and to get rid of it, we start using anti-dandruff shampoo, which makes our hair rough, which in turn start to cause hair fall.


Watch this video for complete details by Hair Expert Jawed Habib-

Wash your hair with tea leaves water

We all know that Tea leaves are very beneficial for our hair, it not only strengthens the hair but also makes them soft and shiny. It works like a natural conditioner. Generally, the tea leaf is used to bring a good color to the hair and to strengthen them, but do you know that tea leaves are also helpful in keeping our hair safe in this scorching summer heat.

Method of application-

Put the tea-bags in warm water and let the water cool down. Wash and shampoo your hair thoroughly and after your hair dries, rinse your hair with tea leaf water and leave it for 2 minutes. Now wash the hair thoroughly with water.

To see the whole process see the video given below by Javed Habib:

Image Source:  istockphpto, imagesbazaar, ircassociate

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