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Latest Designs of Diamond Rings

Priyanka Verma | August 27, 2018

Although there is no denying the fact that gold rings are unmatchable, diamond rings also have their own charm. After all, diamonds are a woman’s best friends! Today, Better Butter brings to you the latest designs of Diamond Rings: 

1) Bouquet Diamond Ring

Nowadays, huge rings are in fashion. The diamonds in these rings sparkle from a distance. The most stylish thing about this bouquet shaped diamond ring is the ribbon. When you wear this ring, there is no need to wear any other accessories! 


2) Different Stone Layer Diamond Ring

This is one ring,  but it looks like you’re wearing 4 different stone rings. You can add stones of any color  and the diamonds in this ring give it an elegant look.


3) Flower Diamond Ring

Inspired by nature, this diamond ring is slightly expensive but the solitaires in this ring will make any other ring look dull! You can get the size and number of flowers adjusted according to your budget.


4) Mini Straw Diamond Ring

This ring gives the look of a straw with a diamond drum in the centre. It is stylish and different from the regular designs of diamond rings.


5) Cocktail Diamond Ring

This ring is slightly bigger than regular rings andattracts a lot of attention due to the same. The cocktail ring is in trend these days.


6) Open Mouth Diamond Ring

The design is evident from the name itself. The top part of this ring is open and this is what makes it stylish and elegant. Wear this and we guarantee you that you’ll get lots of compliments!


7) Sapphire Rectangle Diamond Ring

When a blue sapphire is teamed with diamonds, it is beauty personified. The most beautiful thing about this ring is its open mouth look and the presence of 3 solitaires.


8) Two Circles


If you’re not looking for a big ring, but you want a ring that takes more space, then this ring will not just appeal to you but it will also be within your budget.


9) Pearl and Diamond Ring

Look carefully, do you notice something unusual? Yes, this pearl ring with a diamond outline is worn on the middle of the finger. This unusual ring is very much in fashion these days.


10) 10-Layers Diamond Ring

Wearing this ring on one finger makes your entire hand look attractive. The small diamonds in this ring make you look absolutely royal!

Priyanka Verma




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