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Lesser Known Indian Fruits to Include in Your Diet

Team BetterButter | April 30, 2019

India is a diverse country not only in terms of its rich culture and heritage but also due to its exotic collection of fruits. While taking a stroll at the supermarket, any person can be delighted to see a fresh bunch of ripe grapes, mangoes, apples, etc. but there is a lot more than we possibly know. India ranks as the second largest fruit producer in the world and a number of fruits which offer amazing health benefits still remain unknown.

Let us have a look at some these lesser-known fruits.

  •    Karonda

Karonda is a flowering shrub belonging to the Apocynaceae family. This berry-sized fruit is mainly used in Indian pickles and spices as a condiment. It can be cultivated in any soil but preferably in regions having a high temperature. This unique fruit has a high concentration of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Phosphorous, and Calcium. Karonda is also used in treating anaemia, etc. Thus to make Indian pickles tastier, using Karonda can be the best choice as it contains pectin, which is a beneficial ingredient. During the early days in India, this fruit was used for the preparation of syrups, jelly’s, and jams.

  •    Shatoot (Mulberries)

Mulberries are one of the most delicious fruits which possess a naturally sweet flavour. It can be mixed with yoghurt, smoothies, or any snacks. Enriched with antioxidants, fibre, Vitamin C, and Calcium, this fruit can make anyone’s diet healthier.

  •    Sitaphal (Custard Apple)

Amongst the lesser known fruits, sitaphal or custard apple is one such food which possesses endless nutritional benefits. Due to its anti-oxidant property this fruit aids in getting rid of free radicals from the body. Besides, consumption of sitaphal imparts essential minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, and Niacin. Although it has a thick texture, the flesh is a creamy and juicy fruit, which is an absolute delight in hot summer days.

With a diversified climate ranging from tropical India to the Himalayan ranges, India offers an endless diversity of fruits. So, while going to the market the next time, make sure to check out the lesser known fruits and add them toyour diet for a healthier you!

Image Sources: Pexels, Pixabay, Wikipedia


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