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My Husband: The Monster in my Life…

Team BetterButter | August 16, 2018

Srishti had a very happy married life.

Or so it seemed, but was it really true? Everyone including Srishti’s parents felt that everything was just perfect. Doting in-laws and a caring husband – she had everything, then what was it that was killing her silently each day? Srishti had been married for 4 years but she had never got any respect from her husband, let alone love! On the contrary, he pretended to be the most caring husband in front of the world so what could she say? People used to look at her in awe and be envious of her husband. Little did they know what the truth was.

She lived in a nuclear setup with her husband in his office township. Everyone in the colony thought that Srishti had a perfect life but what they did not know was that Srishti’s husband Ritesh was mentally sick. Yes! Sorry to use such words, but this is how he was! He would get angry at the slightest thing and would often say nothing at all when he actually should.

He would repeat every sentence 10 times and show such indecisiveness in choosing his clothes. He would contemplate about what shirt to wear at least 5 times before going to the office. Srishti wondered how he worked in the office! He would ask her again and again and if she said yes, he would say no; if she said no, he would say yes. She was having a mental block and did not know what to do. Her own judgment was getting weaker by the day.

She had been born and brought up in such luxury and she knew that Ritesh would never take care of her needs. In fact, if they went out and she refused to even eat an ice cream, this would anger Ritesh so much that he would leave her and go home all alone! He would lock himself in a room and say that he is going to kill himself. Upon repeated requests, when he would open the door, he would start abusing her. It was becoming simply intolerable for her.

In spite of his own unreasonable behavior, he would call Srishti ‘Stupid’ and ‘Mad’ and she had started believing it. Once Srishti tried to tell her mother-in-law about the problems she was facing but her mother-in-law brushed it off saying that there is nothing wrong and one has to make adjustments in a marriage.

She was unable to tell any of her friends and relatives about her ordeal since Ritesh pretended to be friendly, caring and everything that a woman wanted in her life partner in front of them. She did not know what was wrong with him. Srishti finally got to know that Ritesh suffered from a dual personality. She was at a party with her husband where she met a psychologist and she met him again personally. He told her that Ritesh had a dual personality.

This is indeed a very dangerous situation since such people can go to any extreme. The condition is treatable in a mental hospital but it cannot be treated completely.

Srishti had even started believing that she was also becoming a dual personality – a happy wife in front of others and an unhappy wife at home. When she realized that nobody was listening to her, she just took Ritesh to the psychologist saying, she needed treatment. On seeing his delicate condition, Ritesh was admitted to a mental asylum on the spot.

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