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By Team BetterButter

We love us some cocktails, but the beers and wines are not far behind. This week read about some of our favourite drinks and what the world has to say about them. We start you out with something that’s meant to be shaken and not stirred (no prizes for guessing!) but just the poshest drink ever – the Martini. Then it’s all about the poor man’s champagne – prosecco and in the same breath talk about a grape that’s making big news – gigondas or Grenache as well as wondering if the craft beer has had its run. Oh and ofcourse Huffington Post’s guide on how not to annoy your bartender. Read on, on Cocktail Hour.

Bond over this
No, the question isn’t shaken versus stirred, it’s the quintessential question whether to use vodka or gin to make that perfect martini. Not only does this piece on the Guardian delve into that, but also into the history of this “King of Cocktails”
Craft Supplies
Even while we Indians love our craft beers, the future looks bleak, no scratch that, very bleak. Grub Street summarizes the problem and talks about how spoilt for choice we are for this brew.
Grape Value
Even though it’s one of the most widely planted grapes in the world, not many know the wines that the Grenache or the Gigondsas make. The New York Times describes how fresh these wines are in Your Next Lesson.

Fizzy Bubbly
It’s not called the poor man’s champagne for nothing. Prosecco is cheaper, lower in alcohol and acidity and way sweeter than champagne. Read why England spent a bomb on this drink this year.
Ek Bar
If you think you can get away by asking stupid questions and not get snarky answers, think again. Because your bartender may just give you the daggers if you ask him what the cheapest drink on the menu is. Better still, ask him for a hangover cure, that’s a conversation starter for sure.

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