Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s ‘Relationship Rules’

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Sonam Kapoor became Sonam Kapoor Ahuja after marrying Delhi-based businessman Anand Ahuja in May 2018. Sonam’s wedding had it all-an A-list celebrity guest list, amazing clothes and all the fun and frolic that is an inevitable part of a typical Punjabi wedding!

Before starting their journey together, Sonam and Anand set a few ‘relationship rules’ for themselves. Simple and easy to follow, these rules can help you bring back and maintain that lovely spark in your marriage. After all, these ‘relationship rules’ are celeb-approved!

Balance your Personal and Professional Lives

Every couple has a personal and a professional life. Sonam and Anand are both workaholics. Before getting married, Sonam and Anand decided that they will strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. They would not forsake their personal lives for their work.

Eat Meals Together

Sonam and Anand are constantly traveling for their work commitments. However, irrespective of where they are (even if they are in different time zones) Sonam and Anand always make it a point to have their meals together via a video call.

2-Week Rule

Regular travel and work, eventually take a toll on long-distance relationships and long-distance marriages. To ensure that they make their marriage work, Sonam and Anand have a 2-week rule. This rule means that Sonam and Anand do not go more than 2 weeks without seeing each other.

Keep their Phones Away

Apart from having her own smartphone app, Sonam is also very active on social media. To curb his wife’s addiction to social media, Anand has asked Mrs. Ahuja to leave her phone in another room before coming into their bedroom at night. Sonam keeps her phone in the bathroom, hall or living room (and even charges it there) before retiring to her bedroom at night.

Always Support Each Other

Sonam and Anand are always seen supporting and motivating each other. Be it when Sonam received a special mention at the National Awards for her performance in the film ‘Neerja’ or when Anand’s clothing brand ‘Bhane’ completed 4 years, both Mr. and Mrs. Ahuja are always seen supporting each other, both personally and professionally.

Combined with love, trust, and respect, these simple ‘relationship rules’ are a lovely way to make your marriage or your relationship work and to make it last. After all, it is always the small things that matter and that help to keep that spark alive.

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