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Stay Fresh and Energetic with these Foods!

Bindiya Sharma | December 17, 2018

It is with all of us that whenever we meet someone who is fit and energetic, the  first thing that comes to mind is Hey! How does this person look so fit? Most of us do Yoga, exercise or meditate to stay fit, whether young or old, but due to reasons such as high blood sugar and cholesterol as well as some elements present in the external environment, our immunity continues to have adverse reactions. 

In spite of doing so much, most of the time the body becomes tired. Dr. Shikha Sharma, a well-known dietician, has given the suggestions below, that can have miraculous benefits for children as well as elders. Let’s see what these suggestions are-


1) Add Whole Grains to your Diet

Dr. Shikha says that one must include whole grains in their diet as they have many benefits. Along with being rich in many types of nutrients, they have a lot of fiber too, so your digestion gets cured, and in particular, various types of stomach cancers are prevented. The biggest advantage is that even if you do eat more, your weight will not increase as fiber does not increase your weight.


2) Cook Delicious Dishes with Whole Grains

Dr. Shikha also says that with whole grains, delicious food can be prepared. In addition to multigrain bread, add vegetables and make salted porridge, which is a complete meal in itself. In this way, make brown rice poha instead of chiwda. In pulses, boiled gram can be soaked, boiled and made into a chaat, which is loved by people of all ages.


How does a Whole-Grain based Diet help you?

Most people switch to whole grains when the doctors ask them to eat a whole grain diet because of a health problem. Do you know how it helps you?


1) If you have Diabetes

Blood sugar levels of sugar patients remain miraculously normal after eating whole grains. Eat vegetable dalia instead of finely ground flour or knead the dalia in flour and make your chapatis and naturally control your blood sugar.


2) If you have High Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels increase the likelihood of cardiac related diseases. Oats is a great grain for this. Its greatest quality is that it is rich in soluble fiber that dissolves after eating. For this, eat vegetables in oats or eat it as a porridge or even mixed in flour and this will cause your cholesterol to naturally come under control.


3) For Kids of Growing Age

In the age between thirteen years to eighteen years, when children develop rapidly, they often get hungry. Instead of giving them food based on whole grains, instead of giving them things made from Refined flour (maida) etc., it is better to give whole grains. As a result of this they will have more energy and strength and there will be no hypersensitivity problem. At this age, most of the whole grains or snacks made of whole pulses, as well as porridge or poha made from oats or whole grains can give them sustained energy throughout the day.

Dr. Shikha says that all these ways are not new. We are only trying to revive the lifestyle and dietary habits of our elderly. Previously people used to eat thick, whole grains and the use of fine flour or semolina-like items was almost nil. As we lean towards refined dough, the same grains started harming the body. It is therefore important that you include whole grains at least once in your daily diet and experience its benefits automatically.

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Bindiya Sharma


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