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The Right Diet for you, according to your Blood Group

Bindiya Sharma | November 27, 2018


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The Right Diet for you, according to your Blood Group

Very few people are aware that eating according to their blood group can keep them disease free for years to come. It has been proven by researchers that every person’s blood is of a particular kind and eating some things can have a good effect on the person’s body whereas some can have a bad effect. Believing this principle, many dieticians think that if a person is given food according to his/her blood group, it will be beneficial for that person in terms of health.

Recently, a book ‘Eat Right for Your Type’ was published by Dr. Edemo, in which he shared the results of his research on this subject. Shikha Sharma, a well-known dietitian from India, has also explained in detail about the symptoms of different blood groups and what kind of diet they should take. Let us tell you what Dr. Shikha Sharma has to say.

Dr. Shikha says that first of all, one should find out what your blood type is because every group has its own qualities.


1) ‘O’ Blood Group

‘O’ Positive Group people have high acid levels in the body, thus excessive use of acidic things like the continuous use of alcohol, cigarette and spicy as well as rich foods will increase the acid levels in the body and cause problems like gas, excessive appetite and weight gain.

Recommended Diet: This blood group tends to be slightly acidic, especially in summer; cool things such as barley, brown rice, poha and many types of salads are considered very good for them.


2) ‘B’ Blood Group

People in this group are seen to have a special taste for sweets. These people are usually hungrier than normal due to mental stress. The tendency of water retention in the body of people in this group is also seen.

Recommended Diet: Pulses are considered very good for people of B-positive group, as they tend to feel light and fit after eating a pulse based diet. The use of bread, flour, potato or rice is not considered good for them. The point to note here is that in case of both the mother and father are not positive, and you are a combination group, then you should make your diet plan with a little bit of variation.


3) ‘A’ Blood Group

The peculiar thing about this group is that their body is more fit and light after consuming a grain based diet, whereas after eating meat etc., they feel heavier and uneasy. Dairy products like milk, curd, paneer will also make them feel  heavy and uncomfortable.

Recommended Diet: They should consume a more grain based diet like porridge, poha, brown rice and moong dal etc. A little sweet in the food is not harmful to the people of this group and it is easily digested without increasing the weight. But if both your mother and father are not positive, you will be considered as a combination group and it is not necessary that a plan of A Positive Group will suit you fully as you might need some variation.


4) ‘AB’ Blood Group

Recommended Diet: The best thing about “AB” Positive Group is that they benefit equally from a grain based diet as well as dairy products. But it is very important to have an accurate estimate of the food. People of this group have a special liking for fermented foods such as idli, dosa, dhokla etc. because it is light, this kind of food is also considered beneficial for them.

Food based on blood group is the result of some research and people who have tried them out have got positive results, but it still requires further scientific study. If you want to follow such a diet then it will be good that you plan this plan with your Nutritionist or Dietician, so that you can take complete advantage of it.

Image Source: Public Domain Pictures Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons,, Wikipedia