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Best Yoga Asanas for Lower Back Pain!

Nithya Lakshmi | October 23, 2018

Are you suffering from a lower back pain? Are you frustrated and drained, wondering how to get rid of such intense pain without consulting a doctor? Worry not! Here you can find some easy yoga asanas that you can do at home which will quickly cure your back pain. Yoga, being a natural therapy for many diseases in the body, should be practiced every day for a few minutes in the morning or the evening-if in case you are into certain jobs which are indeed back breaking!


1) Cat and Cow Pose (Marjariasana and Bitilasana)

How should you do it?

  • Rest your hands on the ground along with your knees as shown in the picture.
  • Now arch your back and inhale as your spine gives a nice curve. Look up to the ceiling slightly and relax as you breathe in.
  • Next, exhale and start looking down as you bend your back.
  • Repeat this for 10-15 times and in different sets.

Avoid resting on or bending your elbow.


When the spine is stretched in this movement, the disc at the hip region is circulated, thereby easing out stress in the area. This also relaxes your mind. Another benefit of this asana is, it helps improve your focus and your coordination between breathing and body movements. Watch this video to learn more:  


2) Spine Twist (Vakrasana)

How should you do it?

  • Lay flat on the floor facing the ceiling with your hands wide open.
  • Now with your feet touching the floor flat, and your knees near your abdomen, slowly lift and turn your knees towards the right.
  • You should feel the stretch around the hip area with your shoulders still wide apart.
  • Rest in this position for a few seconds and repeat the twist on the other side. Refer figure for better understanding.

Avoid stretching extremely if in case you have intense back pain.


This posture mainly works on the abdominal area which connects the spine. This also eases the stress on the lower back and lets the muscles relax as you slowly twist and turn with proper inhaling and exhaling.Watch this video to learn more:  


3) Pigeon Pose (Rajakapotasana) 

How should you do it?

  • Sit down on the floor folding your left leg and stretching your right.
  • Stretch your right leg as much as you can with your toe pointed outwards
  • Ensure your left knee and foot are closer to your hip region (Refer figure)
  • Move your chest forward and remain in this posture for 15-20 seconds.
  • Repeat the same on the other side and relax in padmasana.

Avoid this posture if you are suffering from knee pain.


Kapotasana helps in reducing the stiffness on your back, helps in strengthening the hip joints and relaxes your mind and body.


4) Child Pose (Balasana)

How should you do it?

  • Rest your buttocks on your heels and sit comfortably
  • Sit up straight with your head erect and keep your knees and thighs a little wide apart.
  • Now slowly move and bring your torso forward with your head touching the ground.
  • Your chest must touch the thighs or knees when you are in this posture.
  • Also, ensure your butt sits on your heels. Else push a little and try as much as you can.
  • Being in all the positions, extend both your hands and stretch forward to rest on your palms.
  • This will provide enough stretch to your muscles while you breathe slowly.
  • Rest for a few minutes, straighten your torso and release.

Avoid holding the breath as you lay in this position to rest.


This can be practiced throughout the asanas when you need control over your breath. It eases and elongates your lower back muscles, opens your hip and makes you feel better when in pain.


5) Triangular Stretch (Trikonasana)

How should you do it?

  • Stand straight with both your legs apart (3 to 4 steps)
  • Now turn your right foot to a 45 degree pointing outwards
  • Use your right hand and try to touch the floor keeping both the legs on the ground.
  • Stay in this posture with your left hand raised above as shown in the picture.
  • Breath for few seconds and change position to repeat on the other side.

Avoid overstretching in order to touch the ground. Try as much as you can.


Trikonasana helps in strengthening the legs and lower back muscles on regular practice. It also stretches the muscles around your hip and back. This will relax any stress in this part of the body.

Image source: Youtube, Pixabay, Flickr

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