These Fashion Hacks will Make your Lower Portion Look Slimmer!

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It is fundamental to look good when you step out for a party or any kind of gathering. Dressing well is what everyone looks forward to and that gives you immense confidence. With a perfect body structure, it is easy to get ready! What if you have a shape that doesn’t look good? What if you’ve gained weight over the past few months and have failed to hit the gym? If in case you come under that category of women who have a triangular body shape with the lower part looking odd, then worry not. Here you can find a few interesting tips to quickly hide your odd areas with ease and to shine like a diva at any party!


1) Use Shape wear

Shape wear is always comes to the rescue of your body! Invest in a good-quality shape wear that fits the lower part of your body very well.  The shape wear will immediately pull in the extra muscles that might be popping out and will make you look slimmer. It also makes it easier to step out in any attire.


2) Wear Skin-Colored Footwear

In order to look slim, just picking the right dress isn’t enough. The right footwear is essential to complete the look. In case you are short and heavy from the lower body, then opt for high heels that are either pointed or block. Also, choose a color that matches your skin tone. Wearing such footwear will draw attention away from the lower body and make your legs appear longer, thereby making you look slim.


3) Wear Well-Fitted Clothes

Many overlook the idea of wearing the right clothes in their effort to look slim. Clothes can drastically change your looks in no time. Shorter clothes aren’t always an option to look slim. Here are some tricks to keep in mind to  make the lower part of the body look slim: 

  • Wear pencil skirts rather than flared skirts as this gives a shape to your body.
  • Layer your jeans with a sweater or a shirt around the waist to hide the sides
  • Wear pencil fit or cigarette shaped trousers rather than flared jeans.
  • Choose a wavy dress or a high – low skirt to pair with a shirt and add a belt to highlight your waist
  • Select the best underwear that can pull in your extra muscles and stays tight
  • Start using cardigans/long shrugs to cover up the heavy lower parts of your body


4) Choose Colors Wisely

Wearing the right colors can act like magic while dressing up! When in doubt or when you are in a hurry with no proper options, you always need to have a black dress in stock. The color black is a savior and it will always turn out to be your BFF! Trust me. It not only looks good but also solves the problem of looking fat by creating an illusion that you’ve lost a few pounds!  Hurray!

Other than black, you can also opt for darker colors such as leafy green, navy blue and  other darker shades. Alternatively, even a monochrome look works well and makes you look slim.


5) Patterns or Prints

Choose stripes and other patterns rather than prints, as prints will definitely add more to your problem areas. However, you can still go for smaller prints such as polka dots and floral outfits. Wear outfits that have vertical lines and avoid horizontal stripes as they emphasize the lower portion of the body. Again,  minimal horizontal stripes would not ruin your look.


6) Standing Posture

Irrespective of what you wear, how you sit and stand matters a lot. In fact, it makes a huge difference. Always stand erect with your chin up straight with your shoulders erect. While you sit, cross your legs and that will make your legs and waistline appear longer and slimmer respectively.   

Present yourself with crossing your legs when you stand so your lower part doesn’t seem odd. Place your hands on your hips and spread the elbows both ways to define your hip line. This works great to create an illusion of a smaller hip.


7) Eat Wisely

Avoid junk food, salty food and food that makes you bloat easily. All these are going to make you look chubby and fat.

Now that you ‘ve got an idea on how to dress well to look slim, just slay in style whenever you step out!

Image source:  pixabay, flickr, pexels, wikipedia commons

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