Top 10 Designs of Diamond Bracelets

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Bracelets make your wrists look feminine and delicate and when they are adorned with diamonds, they look even more beautiful. Women of any age can wear a bracelet. Nowadays there are various different kinds of designs available in the market and one can easily get confused while buying.

So, today we have brought you the top 10 designs of diamond bracelets in 2018: 

1) Diamond Balls Bracelet

This bracelet design will make you stand out from the crowd and display your unique style. It looks even better when teamed with a matching pair of diamond balls earrings and pendant.


2) Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Tennis jewelry makes use of thin diamonds of the same shape. This bracelet is also referred to as diamond line bracelet due to the way it looks.


3) Evil Eye Diamond Bracelet

Evil eye wards off evil. It is very common to see people wearing evil eye pendants and rings so why not a bracelet? A royal eye bracelet gives you an elegant and royal look and also wards off the evil eye.


4) Tri-Tone Diamond Cuff Bracelet

As the name suggests, this bracelet has diamonds along with pearls and rubies which give it a very powerful look. The best part about this bracelet is that you can change the color of the stone in the center of the bracelet, to match your dress.


5) Parrot Designer Diamond Bracelet

When flower and bird shaped designs are used to make jewelry, it looks very stylish. This pair of parrots in the bracelet is a symbol of love. The beauty of this bracelet lies in the rubies combined with the small diamonds.


6) Flower Diamond Bracelet

Nothing can beat the glamour of this diamond bracelet. This flower diamond bracelet with the big rubies in the center makes it look like a garland and it covers your wrist completely.


7) Belt Shaped Designer Diamond Bracelet

It would’ve taken a lot of time to make this delicate diamond bracelet. These small diamonds which have been put so intricately, make it look like a belt.


8) Pearl Diamond Bracelet

As the name suggests, this diamond bracelet is made to look royal by the addition of pearls. It will simply make your wrist dazzle and shine.


9) Bracelet Ring Diamond Set

This is a unique combination of a diamond bracelet with a matching ring. It makes you look classy and can be worn with any outfit.


10) Net Design Diamond Bracelet

This net design bracelet with an outline of diamonds makes this bracelet look different and plush from others.

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