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Top 10 Hollywood Celebs who love Indian food & their Favourite Dishes

Team BetterButter | February 27, 2019

Indian food is a worldwide cuisine now. More and more global restaurants have introduced some famous Indian Cuisines in their menus. Indian food has a wide palate and some dishes are so delicious that you will crave for them every now and then. Some famous Hollywood celebrities have also fallen in love with Indian food and they spilled the beans about it very openly. Here is the list of some famous Hollywood celebs who love Indian food, just like us.

  1. Julia Roberts

The Eat Pray Love actress loves Indian food. She has even claimed that she is crazy about it. Her favourite Indian food is Kadhai Paneer and Aloo Gobhi.

2. Brad Pitt

The Hollywood heart-throb revealed that he loves Indian food and every now and then likes to indulge himself with Chicken Masala and Naan.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator loves Indian Food and every now and then he has expressed his love for Indian food. His favourite Indian dish is Kebabs and Naan Bukhara.

4. Tom Cruise

The spices of Indian food can charm anybody! Tom Cruise is the perfect example of people falling in love with Indian food. Indian Lobster and Chicken Tikka are his favourite Indian dishes.

5. Shakira

This incredible singer and dancer is just another Indian food lover. She loves Afghani Chicken and Mutton Masala. A royal choice indeed!

6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves spicy food and Indian food is filled with spices making them super-delicious. She loves to please her palate with Chicken Butter Masala.

7. Matt Damon

Matt Damon loves Indian curries and he can’t pick one! He says that he can’t distinguish between that but the right curry with just the right blend of spices makes him happy.

8. Madonna

Someone became a fan of Indian food when she got to know how south Indian foods satisfy her craving for carbs and help her lead a healthy lifestyle. She likes the smell of fresh coriander in the curries and loves South Indian cuisines.


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